ProdED is a project focusing on increasing the quality of youth work and non formal education and thus the recognition of youth workers and youth trainers.


The aim of ProfessionalED project is to ensure long-term development of quality of youth work. We claim that to reach high quality, development has to happen throughout a widely accessible, standardized learning process that can be transferred among different generations, among young people with different level of experience. ProfessionalED aims to create and provide this. We believe in a holistic approach of individual development and in that professional improvement cannot happen without personal development.

There are 2 educational path in this project:

Youth trainers - the educational architects / designers, delivering short and intense educational processes to young people, guided by the mission of creating opportunities for growth, and taking life changing actions based upon concrete results.

Youth workers - the everyday heroes, going to the field and work with local young people day-by day in order to equip them with the necessary life skills, transform their passion into competences, and increase the quality of their lives.

And 4 project outputs:

  1. Egyesek Curricula & Blue print
  2. Research report based on Skills Builder assessments
  3. Certificate
  4. Community of Practice

Participants involved in the programme are introduced to the eight essential skills through a 3 steps trainings for facilitators and youth workers cycle. Following the introduction and getting to understand the essential skills, the elements of each session and mentoring conversation are then designed to focus on specific and relevant essential skills. Before and after each training program, participants assess themselves through Skills Builder Benchmark and are assessed during their fieldwork practice by two evaluators.

By the end of the training program, participants are:

  • aware of the essential skills, their meaning and their use
  • able to reflect and assess themselves against the framework
  • able to reflect on their skillset
  • developing their essential skills independently and reflecting on their learning


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