Utopia is a real-life simulation project of 16 days in which you create a world in how you would like to see it together with 49 other youngsters.

Basically, you will create your own society named Utopia. At the start of the project there basically will only be a building. No rules, no hierarchy, nothing. Set up your own values and laws, choose a leader, will this leader be a dictator or will he listen to the majority?

During the project we will do several games in which you can win extras such as Wi-Fi or a washing machine.
We will also do many outdoor activities. The duration of these may vary, some last two hours, others more days and nights. In these activities we will focus on taking initiative, finding efficient ways to tackle challenges and cooperation as a group.

The project is for you if you are aged between 18 to 23 and if you are interested in group dynamics and the process of making decisions.


Travel reimbursement: 275 €

Hungarian team: 4 participants + 1 group leader


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