Shelters of Solidarity I.

Shelters of Solidarity I.

Shelters of Solidarity is a short term volunteering camp, where 11-12 international volunteers work together to grant meaningful summer programmes for children who have been forced to flee Ukraine. The main activity will be holding workshops and leisure time activities for the children in the refugee shelters to improve their resilience and general well-being.

Egyesek Youth Association organise this summer camp together with Terre des hommes (Tdh), a leading Swiss child relief organisation, who has the mission to help children in need and it does this in two main areas, health and child protection. Since April 2022, Tdh, in cooperation with the Budapest Municipality (BMSZKI), has been assisting Ukrainian refugees in the municipality’s accommodations. They set up child-friendly corners and provide daily support to families, help with schooling, obtaining the right papers, child-rearing counselling and psycho-social support.

The aim of the volunteering is to create and hold meaningful summer programmes for the children living the shelters, „laugh, run and move„. Volunteers will organise and animate games and sports activities for the children, which will serve a wide range of psychosocial needs and skills such as joy, affection, trust, empathy, respect, contact. Volunteers may organise sessions together with the parents to bring the shared experience of play or teach English for the kids and their families. Activities will be from 9 am till 5.30 pm or afternoon shift with parents.

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