The PhotoAct project is looking for 30 motivated youth workers, passionate for artistic and participatory tools. The selected participants will be youth workers, teachers, trainers, social workers, educators, psychologists, who actively and regularly carry out activities with youngsters with fewer opportunities and at risk of social exclusion. The project is not for disadvantaged youngsters. The project includes a Training Course where the participants will get knowledge and practice of the methods of “PhotoVoice”, and “Theatre of the Oppressed” as tools for youth entrepreneurship.
After the training, the participants and partners will create local multiplying events in their communities, in the form of a PhotoVoice or Theatre of the Oppressed process.

We will use participatory photography, PhotoVoice, and Theatre of the Oppressed (TO); both have been developed based on the Paulo Freire’s pedagogical approach.
Participatory photography, PhotoVoice, is an action research method combining photography with grassroots social action, and commonly used in the fields of community development, public health, and education.
Theatre of the Oppressed is a method applying theatre as means of promoting personal, social and political change. In a TO “Forum Theatre” performance, the audience becomes active: as “spect-actors” they explore, they show, analyze and transform on stage problems and oppressions of the reality in which they live.

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