ImproWaves is an Erasmus+ project to explore improvisation & embodiment as a tool to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. It is an opportunity to listen to your inner impulses, awaken your potential for self-expression and develop your awareness about the waves you’re creating in interactions. We will explore the principles of improvisation such as acceptance, spontaneity, generosity, attention, flexibility, and partnership, and use embodiment as a way to re-connect body & mind, verbal & non-verbal, rational & emotional. We believe in the co-creation of a learning atmosphere in which everyone can share, learn and grow together so we invite all the participants to co-create the program, share, and learn from each other. All of this will be guided by an experienced team in a playful, supportive and safe environment.

The project is for people who are:

  • youth workers, educators, trainers, facilitators, or people working with people ready to use or considering to use of improvisation and embodiment with your target group.
  • enthusiastic, motivated, open to new challenges & committed to participating in the project through all the phases (preparation, training course, and organisation of a follow-up activity)
  • residents of one of the partner countries
  • 18+ and speaking fluent English
  • excited to improvise, move, explore, experiment and share throughout the daily intense programme


We will be accepting fitting applicants on the go. The application form is closed when the group is complete. So we suggest you apply as soon as possible.

What can you expect?

  • Develop your entrepreneurial mindset with a special focus on acceptance, spontaneity, generosity, partnership & flexibility
  • Cultivate your personal and professional life while using your body & rediscover improvisation skills
  • Enjoy the moment while releasing your creativity in an international group
  • Explore methods to tune in to the unfolding moment and nourish your ability to be present
  • Train your sense of initiative and improve the quality of your actions
  • Developing your awareness and recognizing old patterns, finding new alternatives
  • Become familiar with different dimensions of listening
  • Enrich your facilitator toolbox with activities from 2 different creative methodologies that you can further use in your work
  • Exchange ideas and good practices with people from different backgrounds

Project build-up

The project is built in three different phases:

1st phase: Online Preparation
1st of December 2022-9th of January 2023

Our journey starts already before we meet in Gran Canaria altogether. There will be space to connect to each other through our common Facebook group and do all the practical preparation needed.

2nd phase: Training Course
10-17 January 2023

The program starts!

3rd phase: Follow-up
Until 17th of February 2023

After the TC, the journey continues with applying what you have learned back in your own youth work. All participants are asked to create a follow-up activity, organize it and report it back within 1 month after the training course.

The Methodology

Improvisation is a collaborative art form. It focuses on a positive attitude & seeing and spotting opportunities in the partner. Improvisers are open and curious about their scene partners and perceive them as co-creators.

Embodiment is a somatic approach that puts one’s body in the center of the learning process. The power of embodiment comes from the fact that it is a universal language that brings us back to the basics. It is simple, creative, joyful, and open to everyone. It is funded on principles of dance, body movement, body awareness, dynamic meditation, bodywork, etc.

Taking this experience, we will reflect on how we can apply the principles and approach as facilitators, trainers, or coaches while working with groups of young people.


Veronika Pavlova- Embodiment trainer

Veronika is a trainer, facilitator, and coach working in the non-formal field since 2014. She is enthusiastic about embodied approaches as she
sees the body as a powerful tool for self-awareness, self-expression, and a domain of change. She also loves to create nature-based activities, rituals & meditation and cultivate a safe space for people to grow and learn.

Despoina Rafailidou- Coordinator

Despoina creates and coordinates educational programs for adults and young people around the topics of embodied learning and nature-based education. Her vision is to offer a learning environment that is fun and transforming for everyone involved. She does that mainly from backstage where she can keep an eye that things run nice and smoothly.

Gergő Kiss- Improvisation trainer

Geri has been a trainer and facilitator in both the business and youth sectors since 2009. He believes in the creation of a positive learning atmosphere in which there is a safe space for experimentation. He applies improv theater as the main method for skills development. He is an improviser, and a member of Grund Theater Company based in Budapest.


This training program is co-funded through the Erasmus+ program, therefore accommodation, food, materials, and travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount per country will be fully reimbursed. Here you can find the amount limit for travels assigned to each country:

  • Cyprus, Latvia 820 €
  • Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic 530 €
  • Portugal 275 €
  • Spain 0 €


Marga Pura • Italy •
Kalm • Latvia•
Egyesek• Hungary •
Atlas • Spain •
Collippo • Portugal •
Roes Cooperativa • Greece •
VEGA • Serbia •
Drustvo CPM • Slovenia •
Fab.bri.ka KollektiV • Cyprus •
Pinky promise • Germany •
Zarika Association • Bulgaria •
YOUnique • Czech Republic •

Please read the attached Infopack before applying.

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