Changemaker 3.0

Changemaker 3.0

Changemaker is a 9 days training course for those already guiding either groups or volunteers who want to improve their performance, based upon the principles of self-awareness, resourcefulness, and accountability.

The main methodology used will be personal development or self-reflection, which means that we will be focusing mainly on your mindset/attitudes rather than providing you practical skills or models.

The training is here for you to

  1. Reflect on your mindset: attitudes, values, and beliefs
  2. Realize how your mindset influences your behaviors, the results you get, and the relationships you have with other people in your working context
  3. Acquire models and tools to align yourself with your core values, while being more inclusive towards others and unexpected situations
  4. Put your experience into practice and exchange best practices with other participants

The training is intended for participants, who

  • have experience in leading workcamps or other types of projects involving groups or volunteers
  • will lead a project involving young people in 2022
  • are at least 18 years and able to communicate easily in English
  • want to develop themselves by reflecting on their mindset and how they usually function
  • will participate fully in the program from the beginning till the end.

Built-up of the program

  1. Self-Reflection (Day 1 to 5)
    You will have the opportunity to getter a better understanding of your mindset and its core elements (beliefs, concepts, automatic behaviours) and how they affect the results you usually obtain in life and how you work with others. It will be a journey into expanding what works and improving what doesn’t work when it comes to your mindset. Input, activities, and reflection spaces will be there to guide you on this exploration.
  2. Submersion/Real life implementation/Outdoor (Day 5 to 8)
    The best way to put knowledge from theory to application is to practice in a real-life situation or context.
    You will have several assignments to complete in the local communities around Nógrád county.  You will be able to put into practice the competences acquired throughout the previous days of the TC.
  3. Final steps (Day 8 & 9)
    The last days are there to wrap up the learning experience of the TC, in such a way that the insights can be taken home in a structured manner, to plan follow-up steps, and to close the TC together.


Afonso Bértolo

Afonso is a worldwide freelance educator, with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Since 2009, he has been actively involved in non-formal education, youth work and community building in Europe and West Africa. His main areas of work are personal development, coaching with a strong focus on body awareness, EVS mentoring, inclusion of young people facing fewer opportunities, communication, media as an educational tool and project management.

Viktória Csákány

Viktória comes from Hungary and she has solid experience in coaching and personal development. For 9 years, she has worked on training courses in the topic of communication, coaching, entrepreneurship, youth work. In the last 5 years, she has specialized herself on personal development and group coaching with NLP and life coaching background.

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