We work out of integrity: we will provide you with the same methodology, elements, and learning culture that we use in our educational approach. By walking the talk, we give the opportunity for you to learn by real-life examples and experience the magical effect of this methodology on learners.

Experiential learning or learning by doing is the main aspect of our methodology. We will provide several inputs, activities and moments for reflection, it is up to you to make the links with your own background. We have no expectation on what or how you should learn. This training is there for you to learn what you want to learn, to draw your own conclusions, so you can implement it after the training course is over. By using this method we give you the stage where you can truly be the creator of your own experience.

Springing from this main method we’ll use other approaches:

  • Embodied awareness
  • Outdoor learning
  • Peer learning
  • Group coaching
  • Experiential learning
  • Learning by submerging
  • Confrontational coaching