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UnlockeD is a 7-day training course that aims to introduce and practice an innovative problem-solving methodology and mindset (Design Thinking), which starts and ends with community needs.

We are often faced with wicked problems, challenges, and issues that we feel we cannot overcome. Everything is changing rapidly, the world has become a place where problem-solving has become a must in our everyday lives, especially in youth work.

Although it’s age, design thinking is still considered an innovative method, as not many youth professionals and youth organizations use it in their everyday life. We created this training journey for like-minded youth workers to explore the power of this mindset and methodology.

What can you expect?

  • experiential learning – a lot of hands-on practice, learning by doing in an international community of like-minded youth professionals
  • design thinking – introduction of design thinking as a methodology and mindset
  • immediate practice – going through a demo process of designing for the local communities from needs to results
      • interacting with local communities
      • identifying challenges and creating solutions
      • implementing prototypes of possible solutions
  • your own solutions – individual time to reflect and start your own design thinking process for your own professional challenges and community using the experiences of the demo.

This training is for you if you…

  • are a youth worker, youth professional, or volunteer of a youth organization
  • have min. 3 years of experience
  • are over 18 and able to communicate fluently in English
  • have a wicked problem related to your profession, that is
    • specific, with many interdependent factors making it seem impossible to solve
    • and you are willing to work on it during the training with others
  • you are a resident in one of the EU countries or The Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, or Georgia.

We will give priority to those who are part of a youth organization or community, but this is an open-call training, meaning a partner organization will be assigned to you upon your selection.

Your trainers

Dávid Abonyi is a trainer, and youth worker based in Hungary. He has been involved, in Erasmus + training courses and KA2 partnership projects for the past 10 years. He co-organized a Design Thinking training in 2018 with young people from Hong Kong. He is also experienced in Improvisation, NLP, developing a culture of feedback, and started to experiment with creative project planning.

Alexandra Vinczi is a European trainer and youth worker based in Hungary. She has been involved with youth work for the past 10 years, working mainly with Erasmus + training courses and youth exchanges. She has been trained in Design Thinking in 2016, and since then she has experimented a lot with different ways to implement the power of the methodology. She’s also an expert in visual facilitation, creativity, collaboration, and intercultural learning.


This training course is co-funded by Erasmus +, which fully covers food and accommodation for up to 30 participants.
Travel reimbursement* is possible up to the following limits:

  • 10-99 km – 20 €
  • 100-499 km – 180 €
  • 500-1999 km – 275 €
  • 2000-2999 km – 360 €

Individual contribution fee: 60 €

*For this training course, it’s possible to use Green Travel with a bigger reimbursement budget.
** Do not purchase any tickets before receiving confirmation from the organizers.


Read the attached info letter carefully, and apply through this link: bit.ly/unlockedtc
Application deadline: 10th February 2023