We are complete with you

We contribute to build communities where people are aware of their own freedom of choice, they do what they love and connect with each other peacefully.

Changemaker 6.0

24/09/2024 - 03/10/2024

Changemaker 6.0 is an 8-day personal development training course for those already guiding either groups or volunteers, who want to improve their performance, based upon the principles of self-awareness, resourcefulness, and accountability.

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Seeds of Solidarity 3.0

01/09/2024 - 31/05/2025

Join our team of international volunteers and contribute to our grassroots youth work activity in Szécsény!

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Internship opportunities for those who are currently enrolled in youth or social work and want to enhance their practical abilities!

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What is Egyesek?

Egyesek Youth Association is a community of active youth and young professionals. The aim of our activities is that – we, young people – explore our own strengths and resources using them consciously to fulfill our personal and professional life. To reach that we do trainings and volunteer activities.

What do we do?

We implement youth work in local communities in Nógrád County based on a holistic approach. We pass on the knowledge and experience gained here to professionals working with young people through our international trainings.

We go to the field

In Nógrád County, we carry out outreach youth work in the Szécsény micro-region, involving both Hungarian and international volunteers. Through the networks of the International Voluntary Service, we also send volunteers to projects that help other local communities, both for short and long terms.

We do trainings

We share our knowledge with professionals working with young people through international trainings and exchanges. Our integrated methodology - non-formal, informal and formal - focuses on self-awareness, which we develop through professional topics: cooperation, leadership skills, communication, community development.

We improve quality

We utilize our experience in youth work in international projects to develop local communities and the youth sector. We supported Hungarian civil society organizations, developed an application for volunteers, participated in projects aimed at involving disadvantaged young people, and also contributed to create the quality standards of the International Voluntary Service.

You are saying...

The training helped me develop new skills and gain knowledge relevant to my field. Personally, the experience encouraged me to become more adaptable and independent, as I navigated an unfamiliar environment. It also improved my cross-cultural communication skills and gave me a more global perspective.

Ndap Ndinoshinge

If you've never been on a youth exchange, try the "Glee It Up" programme. It's a unique opportunity to learn about the performing arts, no matter how talented you feel you are, in a community that is welcoming and unforgettable.

Albert Wrembel

The most important lesson in the personal development training for me was that if there is a will, there is a way and that this way I can be resourceful, creative and full of trust. Now I am not only more productive and focused, but also more relaxed and satisfied with myself.

Jule Kurka

DreamShapers is an experience for a lifetime, about what you will tell stories to your grandchildren. Maybe it will be tiring sometimes but I can promise it is worth it.

Panna Sára Kiss

The training for trainers program (Keys For Change) is an unperfect playground that offers you many opportunities to grow and improve your training skills, gain meaningful insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, all while collaborating with people from different parts of the world.

Martha Liise Kipsta