Make Sziget Green Again

Make Sziget Green Again

Hungary’s biggest music festival, which has won numerous international awards, will open its doors again this year and is looking for volunteers this year too!


Festival Volunteer Center organizes volunteer programs for the biggest festivals in Hungary. They work with more than 2500 volunteers per year in around 100 possible positions at festivals like Sziget, EFOTT, Balaton Sound, Campus, etc., and also concerts in sports arenas.  Over the past 10 years, they have built up a system and shaped it to its present form, which makes it possible for enthusiastic and help-offering volunteers to evolve, for festivals to find a motivated workforce, and the joint work ensures countless future opportunities for all parties. They are shaping this process by making use of the diverse, creative, improvisatory ideas from all the participants year by year.


Everything green! We like to protect our environment even during a festival, and your job will help to remind visitors of it as well. As an environmental officer, it is your daily duty to maintain, empty, and keep an eye on the waste containers. Being part of the site clearance team means that you keep the festival free from rubbish, and collect waste in certain areas. Maybe this year you’ll be the person who will take the collected waste from the visitors and reward them for it in one of the Green Points. Moreover, you can be responsible for emptying and maintaining the polyduct (selective waste) containers. You can also greet the visitors at the entrance of the festival and give them recycled stub collectors. Don’t forget that protecting the environment is not only our responsibility but it’s also sexy! There are going to be around 1200 more volunteers who work with or near you.

Accommodation and food

You will have your own place at the staff camping but don’t forget to BRING YOUR OWN TENT! There is a shower in the camping area. You can choose any kind of special food, we will try to make it. Please let us know as soon as you can. You will get one hot meal every day you work.

Location and leisure

The festival takes place in Budapest, Hungary. In your free time, you can enter the festival as much as you want, or have a sightseeing tour in Budapest or just enjoy each other’s company. There are going to be around 1200 more volunteers who work with or near you.


The nearest airport is the Budapest (BUD) in Hungary or you can take any train which stops in Budapest. Public transport is easy to use to get to the festival. Here you can find more info:


If you become a volunteer of ours you will have to register on our website (where you will get your contract) and take place in a group Skype call. Once you arrive in Budapest, you must visit a doctor for a quick and free examination. Also, don’t forget to bring 31 000 HUF or a 95 EUR deposit for the weekly ticket you’re going to get. This is a must, without the deposit you can not work with us. At the end of the festival, if you did not break the contract you are going to get your deposit back.
Unfortunately, we are only able to work with volunteers from the EEA countries.

Additional comments

Please book refundable plane tickets in case the festival needs to be canceled. Also, we do not pay your travel expenses. For more information about the festival, visit their website: