STEP to Change – STEP in Europe

STEP to Change – STEP in Europe

The project will consist on visits of experienced trainers/consultants to each region (Africa, America, Asia, Europe), where an initial assessment and training will be done on organisational management and impact measurement, followed by visits to projects implementing the impact measurement techniques developed during the last 5 years. Such visits to the regions will allow, on the one hand, to provide training and empowerment on IVS and organisational management to organisations; and on the other, to draw a diagnosis of the needs and strengths in every region, useful to orient a long-term training and support programme for the members within the CCIVS.
This project builds on the strategies outlined in the “White Paper on International Voluntary Service”, on the General Assembly decision to design and implement a monitoring system for the members; and on the flow of diverse projects led by CCIVS, Solidarités Jeunesses and Better World in the last 5 years to design and implement tools for impact measurement and improvement.

This part is the European regional international event, dedicated to build capacities in the organisations, both on organisational development and on impact measurement. The whole process will also allow to implement a needs assessment of the participating organisations.
STEP stands for Strategic Training for Empowerment Processes, and is the methodological approach for the whole project.
The events in each region will follow the same structure, of course adapting contents to the realities and needs assessed during the preparation and on-the-spot according to the course of the trainings.

The common STEP methodology for each event:

  1. International training on organisational development and impact measurement
  2. On the field: Impact measurement itinerary with national training
  3. Conclusions and reporting

Regional STEPs details
Information concerning travel costs/platforms etc will be sent out at least 2-3 months before the
start of each activity.