Spain: Bard´s Song Youth Exchange

Spain: Bard´s Song Youth Exchange

About the Project

Come and join us on a „SOCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY” project at Pallilde, a small town belonging to Leon city in Castilla y Leon. Our main goal is to capture and exhibit the photos of the elderly people from the town. Participants will work on capturing human portraits of the locals, particularly the elders, and interviewing them to reflect their personality. The final result will be an exhibition for the town which will remain for a long time.

Workshops and Activities

During the project, basic photography workshops, games, and activities will be held, where participants can show their creativity and communication skills. As the elderly people mostly speak the local Spanish language, communicative skills will be of great importance.

Accommodation and Food

The accommodation will be at the local municipal hostel which has rooms with several bunk beds in each. Volunteers can cook and prepare meals in teams using the kitchen provided (ingredients will be provided). Sheets or sleeping bags will be required.

Location and Leisure

Pallilde is a small town surrounded by nice hiking paths, green mountains, and lakes, with many small towns in walking distance. There will also be leisure activities organized together.

ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange

Accommodation and lodging are 100% covered by the Erasmus + program, while travel expenses of the participants are partially covered (up to 275€ depending on the route to the venue of the exchange for each country).

*We are currently seeking for one more participant to join the project. Please note that the participant must be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible.