Seeds of Solidarity – Budapest

Seeds of Solidarity – Budapest
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Seeds of Solidarity – Budapest is a 10-month volunteering project, where 1-2 international volunteers will get to try several different tasks and gain knowledge on how international training project management works. They will have the opportunity to build international connections and work on their professional development through exciting projects.

  • Creating and executing marketing strategies to promote Egyesek training & volunteering projects, and finding participants/volunteers for the upcoming events.
  • Ideating, creating and posting content to Egyesek’s different social media platforms to promote youth work, volunteering to reach a wider youth audience and increase brand awareness.
  • Assisting with the delivery of Egyesek international youth workers training and volunteering projects, by communicating with different partners, handling logistics, and supporting the trainers and the team members, preparing and organising follow-ups for volunteers.
  • Communicating with partners, participants, volunteers and clients. Supporting administrative tasks such as contracting, reporting, budgeting, etc.

Our participants will contribute to our mission, and create equal opportunities to children and youth to increase the quality of their lives and will even support our Sees of Solidarity international volunteers in the Szécsény microregion.