Nógrád Y for the Future!

Nógrád Y for the Future!

Reference number: NCTA-2014-8319-D / NEA-UN-15-SZ-1147

Donors: Norway and EEA Grants / National Cooperation Fund


Nógrád Y for the Future addressed the need to enhance youth participation in the disadvantaged Nógrád county by professional development and support of local NGOs. The aims were to improve and train competences of young people and NGO staff, strengthen local NGOs and communities in engaging young generations and strengthen Egyesek’s professional knowledge, human resources, and local network.
14 trainings, 2 meetings, 81 jobshadowing events, 80 coaching meetings, 4 video tutorials supported 28 participants from 13 NGOs realising 15 local youth initiatives for community building, all of which are sustainable, involving 1066 people through 52 organisations, reaching 111 organisations and 17555 people.
The main benefits are the growth of NGO staff competences, motivation and a county-and-Budapest-wide network to support youth NGOs and youngsters to actively create their own future communities and organisations with a strong network of partners, professional background and development.

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