Inclusion in ACTion

Inclusion in ACTion
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„Inclusion in ACTion” is a 3-phase training program with the aim to provide Social Theatre and Body Expression tools and facilitation skills to youth workers directly working with young people at risk of social exclusion, encouraging them to diversify methodologies and strategies in the search for their target group’s empowerment and in the boost of real social inclusion.
This training program is for youth workers working directly with young people at a Local Level, especially if your target group is considered a minority and/or is at social exclusion risk.
Structure of the 3-phase training program:
-1st Phase: Training Course [29th March – 7th April 2018 (including travel days)] ; Hollókő, Hungary
-2nd Phase: Local Action Phase [April, May and June 2018] ; each partner country-3rd Phase : Capacity Building Meeting [1-6 July 2018 (including travel days)] ; Hollókő, Hungary

Eligible countries: Spain, Hungary, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia,
Lithuania, The Netherlands
Deadline for applications: 7th of February 2018