ImproWise Your Life

ImproWise Your Life
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ImproWise Your Life is an experiential training course that gives youth workers, youth leaders, and educators an opportunity to learn about applied theatre improvisation techniques, practice social skills and explore their intersections in order to build better capacity to improve essential life skills of young people.

The project is for people who are:

  • Youth workers, members, and volunteers of youth associations, teachers or educators
  • At least 18 years old and able to communicate easily in English

  • You are able to participate fully at the programme from the beginning till the end

This training course is here to:

  • Learn how to apply theatre improvisation as a non-formal education method
  • Learn how to improve essential social skills, such as communication, group dynamics knowledge, inclusion, cooperation, conflict resolution, etc.

  • To introduce a mindset that helps to overcome barriers in the so-called VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world
  • To provide a space for sharing best practices focusing on non-formal educational methods in the field of youth work

About the program

The pandemic brought us new challenges, and certain skills have become essential such as social skills, risk taking while dealing with uncertainty, the ability to adapt quickly, find alternative ways and new solutions to emerging problems. The dynamically changing world can increase the level of inner anxiety and narrows down the focus on the wide range of opportunities that are ahead of us in our lives. We will explore the principles of improvisation such as acceptance, spontaneity, generosity, attention, adaptability and partnership. We will connect all the above with a specific set of skills that help us connect better in our relationships. We will explore how to take care of yourself and your own needs, within caring for the needs of others, explore our learning styles and some basic principles of choice theory psychology by W. Glasser. The project will be practical, active and experiential as well as theoretical.

The Methodology

Improvisation is a collaborative art form. It focuses on positive attitude & seeing and spotting opportunities in the partner. Improvisers are open and curious about their scene partners and perceive them as co-creators. As Keith Johnstone says „The improviser has to understand that their first skill lies in releasing their partner’s imagination”. Taking this experience, we will reflect on how we can apply the principles and approach as facilitators, trainers or coaches while working with groups of young people.


Gergő Kiss

Gergő Kiss – Geri has been a Trainer and Facilitator in both the business and youth sectors since 2009. He believes in the creation of a positive learning atmosphere in which there is a safe space for experimentation. He applies theater improvisation as a main method for skills development. He is an improviser, and a member of Grund Theater Company based in Budapest.

Spela Gorjan

Spela Gorjan is a youth worker, trainer and reality therapy practitioner. She is a head of youth NGO (Youth Aid Center Association – YACA) and has worked in the youth field since 1999. Her passions are social skills training, reality therapy, conflict resolution, communication, relationships, group building and creativity.


This training program is co-funded through the Erasmus+ program, therefore accommodation, food, materials, and travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount per country will be fully reimbursed. Here you can find the amount limit for travels assigned to each country:

  • Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria – 160€

  • Spain, Italy, Greece – 255€

  • Portugal – 340€


Asociacion Cultural y Mediambiental Atlas de Inagua• Spain •
Asociatia Education Studio • Romania •
Collippo – Associação Juvenil • Portugal •
Egyesek• Hungary •
Fundacja Youth Act• Poland •
Muovimente Societa Cooperativa Sociale • Italy •
Roes Cooperativa • Greece •
VICE VERSA • Czech Republic •
Vega Omladinski Centar • Serbia •
Youth Aid Centre Association – YACA • Slovenia •
Zarika Association • Bulgaria •

Please read the attached Infopack before applying.