First 5000 Mistakes

First 5000 Mistakes
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First 5000 mistakes is a training course focusing on our attitudes towards making mistakes, their perception and evaluation, embracing mistakes, and recognizing them as an important tool for self-improvement in the learning process.

The training is here for you to

  1. learn from mistakes and understand that they are important elements of one’s learning cycle
  2. apply improvisational theatre while working with young people to welcome mistakes with a positive attitude
  3. design, facilitate, and evaluate learning sessions applying the method
  4. explore how to transform the method in educational settings
  5. provide open space to share non-formal educational methods focusing on learning through failing

The training is intended for participants, who

  • are youth workers, members, and volunteers of youth associations, teachers, or educators 
  • intend to widen and deepen their profile of training and facilitation with improvisational theater in their everyday work with young people
  • want to become well-prepared facilitators of learning processes, activities, projects, and will be co-operating in local or international teams working with young people
  • at least 18 years and able to communicate easily in English
  • are able to participate fully in the programme from the beginning till the end

About the program

The program is based on experiential learning, non-formal learning with different kinds of activities, which will be a combination of nonverbal and verbal exercises, focusing on, making mistakes, attitudes toward mistakes, the learning process, and creativity.

The main used method will be improvisational theatre, where everything is built spontaneously on spot. It is based on co-creation, creativity, a high level of attention, self-initiative, flexibility, and decisiveness. A positive attitude is a way we approach this method because it creates a comfortable, safe environment and solid grounds for collective creativity. 


Gergely Kiss has been a trainer, facilitator in both profit and non-profit sectors since 2009, improvisation theatre practitioner, and a member of Grund Theatre in Budapest since 2014. He attended Impro Master Classes with Keith Johnstone and worked with numerous international improvisers such as Jim Libby (US) or Patti Stiles (AUS). His special fields are improvisation, creativity, sense of initiative, entrepreneurial mindset, and interpersonal communication.

Maria Cărbunaru is an anthropologist, trainer, mentor, and facilitator, working in the field of non-formal education and life-skills development for 11 years. She graduated from an improvisational theatre program by Theatre Without Borders Foundation in 2013 and since then, she has delivered numerous workshops and training courses on the topics of spontaneity, self-management, creativity, training and experience design, and project management.


To apply, fill out this form available here until 15th February.