DreamShapers is a youth exchange, where you can experience living in an international community of 42 young people from 7 countries of Europe; discovering what resourcefulness and entrepreneurship really means. Experience how you can have fun and learn at the same time while enjoying the beautiful countryside of Hungary.

Our aim is to increase the confidence and autonomy of young people facing fewer opportunities, by:

  • creating a safe space for 42 young people to live, learn and work together;
  • discovering other cultures;
  • identifying their unique talents which they can apply for their future;
  • creating own initiatives in the local area of Nógrád;
  • learning from each other.


We invite 4-5 young people (age 16-23) and a group leader (18+) from each country. We aim to provide DreamShapers as an entry point: young people without experience in international projects are welcome, also those who have never been abroad and it is their first time away from their family. We are ready and prepared to provide a safe environment for you. We also welcome youngsters who have some experience in Erasmus+ projects and would like to serve as well: support other people in their country groups and offer their understanding of the topic.


If you are Hungarian or residing in Hungary, please fill in the application form: https://form.jotform.com/egyesek/dreamshapers

If you are from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Portugal, Serbia, Spain or Ukrain, please apply through our partner organisations.

  • Bulgaria – Lois Boulet (info@smokinya.com)
  • Czech Republic – Veronika Markova (veronika.markova@inexsda.org)
  • Estonia – Lisete Tammeveski (estyes@estyes.ee)
  • France – Louise Cazal (vlt@concordia.fr)
  • Portugal – Beatriz Banco (goeurope@rotajovem.com)
  • Spain – Laura Curull Tarrida (voluntariat@scicat.org)
  • Ukraine – Alyna Mulyk (erasmus@union-forum.org)

Application deadline: 19th July 2021

For detailed information please read the Infoletter carefully!