DreamShapers 2.0 Ifjúsági Csere

DreamShapers 2.0 Ifjúsági Csere

DreamShapers 2.0 is a youth exchange, where you can experience how is it to live in an intercultural community with 42 other young people from 7 countries. You can discover what it means to be resourceful and have an entrepreneurial mindset, and how you can have fun and learn at the same time, in the beautiful Hungarian countryside.

Our aim is to empower young people with fewer opportunities to be more confident and independent, for which we:

  • create a safe environment for 42 young people to live, learn and work together;
  • discover each others cultures;
  • we find the unique talents of our participants, that they can use in the future;
  • we create initiatives locally in Nógrád county;
  • and learn from each other.


We invite 4-5 young people from 7 countries, between the age of 16-23, and one group leader per national group (18+). DreamShapers is an entry point: we look for young people who don’t really have any international experience yet, and this might be there first time traveling abroad without their family. We are prepared, to create a safe environment for this. We also look for people, who have some experience in Erasmus + project, and are ready to support their own national participants (group leaders).


Before applying, please read the attached Infopack carefully!

You can apply directly through the partners of the youth exchange:

Estonia: Martha – ESTYES estyes@estyes.com
France: Louise – Concordia France vlt@concordia.fr
Georgia: Natia – Student Youth Council syc_guria@yahoo.com
Greece: Andras – Roes Coorporativa andreas.z@roes.coop
Hungary: Alexandra – Egyesek alexandra.vinczi@egyesek.hu
Poland: Kuba – DFOP kubaprus@gmail.com
Portugal: Fabio – Rota Jovem goeurope@rotajovem.com
Spain: Isa – De Amicitia projects@deamicitia.org