Cook Your MOOC!

Cook Your MOOC!
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We live in the knowledge society where e-learning becomes more popular way to transfer knowledge especially for young people who are “digital natives”. UNESCO in the document “Education in and for the Information Society (2013)” underlines the importance of the e-learning approach for education within the phrase “there is no information for all in our information society without education for all”

Education for all could be reached by applying technology that helps to make it accessible and inclusive. Without any doubts, youth NGOs need
to apply to their educational work elearning approach in order to reach their goals and public. But the question is if youth workers and trainers have enough knowledge how to do it by effective way.

Our project initiative is one more step in our permanent work on promoting digital tools for youth workers. This time we are focused on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). We consider MOOC as a potential tool for youth work, education and training that can make it more accessible and inclusive.

The project consists of two trainings, and participants should be able to attend both.

The first stage of the project – 07-14 of July, Barcelona, Spain (6 working days: 07th-
arrival day, 14th – departure day)

The second stage of the project – 24-29 September, Hollókő, Hungary (5 working days: 24th –
arrival day, 29th – departure day).