Canvas of Solidarity

Canvas of Solidarity
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Canvas of Solidarity is a unique 8-days training course in Hungary, focusing on the power of international voluntary service and its networks all over the world. It is a program for you, if you work with voluntary camps or lead group of volunteers; host or plan to host workcamps; if you are part of Alliance and CCIVS network; you are a volunteer in a workcamp organization; you are a peer educator or a campleader – or if you are a combination of any of the others.

This training aims to

  • Create positive impact on the local communities and the volunteers
  • Provide high quality in hosting of local and international volunteers
  • Develop skills for designing successful learning processes of the volunteers
  • Provide tools and practices for lobbying and advocacy of IVS and workcamps
  • Explore and understand the wider perspective of the IVS (International Voluntary Service) movement, the Alliance and CCIVS Network

During the 8 days you are going to work in an inspiring learning context to gain experience and learn about creating and leading workcamps. You will have a unique opportunity to work together with different players of a workcamp (coordinators, campleaders, volunteers).

Join the training to

  • discover common solutions for challenging issues with workcamps
  • to be able to organize high quality workcamps
  • improve the impact on the volunteers’ learning process and on the community development aspect
  • prepare your camp more accessible and inclusive (A4A)
  • deal with challenging and emergency situations
  • learn about advocacy possibilities

Build up of the program

  • Day 1-3
    Communication and relationship among different players of IVS – on the first part of the training we are going to focus on building relationships between participants with the special focus on understanding the different  needs and points of views. It is there to support to create cooperation and gain knowledge about the players of voluntary camp system.
  • Day 4-5
    Tools and methods for dealing with volunteers on an interpersonal level – it happens that campleaders and hosts are perfectly prepared for technical issues regarding to a camp, however, conflict management, dealing with intercultural challenges or unexpected situations can be difficult. Therefore participants will have the chance to develop skills and strategies in this area.
  • Day 6-7
    Possibilities and technicalities of IVS – Knowledge about different possibilities will be shared in a way that participants can start to work on their own project already and give and receive feedback on them.
  • Day 8
    Cooperation, good practice and preparation for the workcamp season – space for networking and concrete planning will be created on spot during the last days of the program.

Methods of the training
We believe in intense learning processes during that individuals can find their own learning within the group context. Therefore our methods are based on experiential learning (learning by doing) with different kinds of team building activities, simulations, workshops, tools from theatre and when it is needed interactive lectures.


Viktória Csákány: Viktoria comes from Hungary and she has solid experience in coaching and personal development. For 9 years she has worked on training courses in the topic of volunteering, communication, coaching, entrepreneurship, youth work. In the last 5 years, she has been specialized herself on personal development and group coaching with NLP and life coaching background. She used to do reinforce mentorship with young people coming from fewer opportunity background for 4 years.

Yulia Utenkova: Yulia has dedicated 10 years to International Voluntary Service movement, mostly in a role of incoming coordinator and trainer, working directly with volunteers, camp-leaders and local host coordinators. For the last 7 years she has been supporting local communities in Russia to initiate workcamps and she has been educating young leaders and coordinators of local voluntary projects on topics of leadership, understanding diversity and effective communication.

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