Bedepuszta: building an event village VI.

Bedepuszta: building an event village VI.

Only one hour from Budapest, in a green valley at the end of a dead end road, we are turning a ghost village into an international tourist destination & event location & artist residence.



We are a Dutch-Hungarian organisation internationally active in festivals; the Bedepuszta project is our livework. We want to involve people in this project not only for their working abilities but also for their ideas to create an event village together. This is our second year of hosting international volunteers.


The teams will work on different tasks in order to improve the interior places, as well the outside area.

  • Wood related jobs: sorting old wood, creating and painting fences and garden furniture, painting and repairing old furniture, creating hammock camp, making table tops
  • Interior related jobs: interior design with mix of modern creative and Hungarian country style, creating new interior accessories with used materials, repairing and painting lamps, painting and repairing old furniture
  • Garden related jobs: creating nice gardens with flowers, plants and trees from the area and from garden center, cleaning up the green area.

Accommodation & food

The team stays in a large house with two seperate showers, two toilets, a livingroom with balcony, a diningroom, a kitchen and two dormitories with plenty of beds. Some days food will be cooked, other days we do the shopping on the team’s request, so that the tram can cook themselves.

Location & leisure

Bedepuszta has a recreational area with a bar, a swimming pool, a pavillion, a game house, a multifunctional room and workshop areas. Also, there’s a camping and 14 houses for accommodation. The distance to Budapest is 95 km, buses to Budapest go every hour from the nearby Buddhist temple. The surrounding area consists of woody hills and small villages. The bus from and to Budapest goes every hour from 6am till 8pm from Tar. We will bring you to and pick you up from the bus stop. Bedepuszta will develop a lot the next years. We hope that some of the team will come back in the future and stay involved.

Workcamp code: EGY18-03-06

Requirements: Letter of motivation is required

Extra fee: 50€

Remarks: The system of the camps are the following: we host 5 people in each period, but the second weeks are overlapping with the next camp, this way there are weeks when 2 groups of 5 people are working together. Check out the periods!

Application: Egyesek is a member of Alliance which through we exchange volunteers with our partner organisations from all over the world. If you are not a resident of Hungary (citizen or have a legal address in Hungary) you have to apply through one of our partner organisations in your country.

Send us an email to address and we connect you with a local organisation.