WS17GF – Festival Camp

WS17GF – Festival Camp

Work: Helping out before, during and after the folk music festival is the main work of this Camp. The Volunteers will help to build up and dismantle the tents for the Festival. The buildings of the village have to get decorated. Support and helping out during the festival together with local people is another task. There will be work in- and outdoors. We are looking for motivated, creative men and women with good craft skills. Before the 2nd of June volunteers work eight hours per day, during the festival they are occupied only five hours per day. The last three days are reserved for free-time activities. The local partner will invite the Volunteers to different sightseeing trips.

Accomodation and food: All volunteers will stay together in the Pfründhaus with all the necessary facilities. The food will get provided from the local authority. Sometimes you’ll eat together with communal staff. They’ll be happy to spend time with you especially once you’ve learnt to communicate with hands, feeds and heart.

Location and leisure: Guttet-Feschel is a villages on the sunny side of a broader valley in the south of Switzerland. It’s close to the lake of Geneva and the Italian boarder. From Guttet-Feschel it’s less than one hour to reach Brig, a small city with excellent connections to Bern and Geneva. Zermatt and Interlaken are the best know touristic sites not too far away; but there’s way more to see: Using a well-developed network of hiking trails taking you to alpine summits and impressing valleys you’ll find natural treasures next-doors. In their leisure time volunteers can go for a walk in the nearby mountains. The area is fre-quented by mountain-bikers as well as famous for hiking tourists. Nearby there’s a natural spa.

Project hosted by: The Volunteers live and work in the small village Guttet-Feschel situated on the bright side of live. The sunny terraces that surround the village allow grapes to grow before being pro-cessed to white wine. The charming landscape isn’t the only reason that you’ll want to stay there for some time. The hospitality of its inhabitants is great and cheers up your evenings after some hours of work. A traditional folk music festival (music with pipes) takes place in the village in the beginning of June (2nd – 4th of June 2017).

Additional comments: Volunteers are working also outdoors what can be physically demanding. They should bring along robust working clothes, sun and rain protection and hiking shoes. The Workcamp is also open for asylum seekers!

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