VYA-1704-DM Build up Atayal, Walk on Daan river

VYA-1704-DM Build up Atayal, Walk on Daan river


  • A. International cultural exchanging with Atayal in the middle of Taiwan
    1. Build and design the Atayal house and new Tayal Kitchen
    2. Record the vintage Atayal Kitchen, e.g. construct, decoration, stories of care, tribal map.
    3. Atayal weave. (understand the importance of Patas and Atayal weave to Atayal women and family)
  • B. Supply care services and assistance:
    1. Cross-tribal activity (sharing traditional songs from different country and tribal.)
    2. Kids camp for PU uma Elementary School and Da-an Tribe(design activities)
    3. Hot Meal Services for elderly (cooking, delivering)
  • C. Experience features of tribal
    1. Food (making Atayal dish, e.g. rngin(mochi), uwaw tayal(glutinous rice wine), smuyan(dry bacon), sinbwaxan(wet bacon), sumay(bamboo rice), U mu(banana cake)
    2. Farmland (assistance to farm)
    3. Baking (baking dessert from local ingredients)
    4. Others: shopping company (experience Taiwanese traditional market, buy the food for the dinner)

Accommodation and food: The accommodation will be in the tribal elementary school with fruitful features near around. It is the first Atayal experimental elementary school in Taiwan. But due to the limit of bathing space, we have to walk about 5 minutes to the place to take a shower.We will live in the mountain little bit away from town. DonU t worry about that. There is a grocery store and we will down to mountain to buy stuff 2 days a week.There is breakfast available in the tribal you could also get bread form Tayal Kitchen(but you have to pay). Tayal Kitchen will provide lunch without any price. The last, you have to find your way to have dinner. Cooking would be a good idea.

Location and leisure: The place we provide services usually in the LU olu, Heping District, Taichung. If you are lucky, we will expand the area we provide services, maybe expand to 15 tribal along the Da-an river (include Taichung and Miaoli). We have to drive about 20 to 40 minutes to the closet town (Zhuolan, Miaoli or Dongshi, Taichung) or you could take bus to Fengyuan for 40 to 50 minutes. DonU t worry about that, we will provide a ride if there will be needed.

Project hosted by: Hello We are Taiwan Indigenous Dmavun Development Association. You could also call us U(Tayal KitchenU which means U(common kitchen of tribal.U UUQuota: 10 Types: Cultural, Social NGO established a workstation to help residents rebuilding their home because the 921 earthquake hit in the 1999. The workstation transformed to organization after 7 years, then rooted in the indigenous tribal. The organization have brought up the youth stay and work in the tribal, support women work in the tribal and forming the own care mode for the tribal along the Daan river. Tmabun means U(deep ploughingU in Atayal. We deep plough in the tribal and practice the Gag spirit through living together, working together. However, our lease is going to be expired in a year but we still find the new place in order to keep care work on. Therefore, we have to construct a new building to keep supplying services and inheriting cultural to our tribes.This summers, we will invite volunteer cooperate with us to construct the Atayal building and living together. This building will be the public space for cultural care. Beside of above, we will cooperate with PU uma Elementary School, the first experimental Atayal elementary school in Taiwan, and the health station with Atayal cultural like MU ihu, Suru, Maytayax, to hold activities for kids and elderly. Objective:

  1. We are going to build an Atayal house.
  2. We are going to live in tribal a month and experience Atayal lifestyle.
  3. We have to hold a cultural exchanging activity with elderly and children in community.
  4. We would like to make our tribal have chance to exchange and share the food cultural with people from different country.

Additional comments: We are looking forward to hire friends who take interesting to indigenous cultural. We would like to find partners who like to live and work together.

Requirements: We are looking forward to hire friends who take interesting to indigenous cultural.We would like to find partners who like to live and work together.

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