VSS04 In search of Azbuka, Trsic

VSS04 In search of Azbuka, Trsic

Work: This workcamp will be organized as a joint initiative of several partner organizations with the aim of promoting the spirit of volunteerism, environmental protection and the development of rural and eco-tourism. The volunteers will work on renovation of an outdoor gym as well as a small trim trail in Loznica. The work involves brushing and painting the installations. They will also clean a few public spaces: 2 walking paths in the memorable village Trsic, the area around the monastery Tronosa and the area around the monument on the mountain Gucevo. The work includes collection and separation of garbage for recycling and designing, constructing and placing wooden boards with environmental friendly messages.

Accommodation and food: Accommodation and meals will be provided in the guest house Cuvarkuca in the village Trsic with beds, bathrooms with showers, restaurant and a kitchen. Sleeping bags are not necessary.

Location and leisure: Trsic is a village in Western Serbia, famous as the birthplace of Vuk Karadzic, the reformist of the Serbian language. The historical part of the village is under the protection of the state and it is the most visited open air museum in Serbia. There is the Vuk s birth house, the Museum of languages and scripts, an outdoor amphitheatre, the House of writers, a gallery and a number of buildings of traditional architecture, characteristic for the 19th century. Beside its cultural heritage, Trsic is surrounded by beautiful hills, forests, streams, meadows and it is a place very much visited by tourists. The participants can enjoy the sights of the village Trsic, an excursion will be organized to nearby sights, as well as workshops on photography, Serbian traditional dances (kolo) and cooking of the traditional food.

Project hosted by: Association Svetionik has been successfully working since 2000 in its region. The activities of the organization are: support to young people, social policy and community development. We support youth activism and youth projects. More than 5000 young people have implemented their own, very different and creative ideas which improve the situation of young people in their communities.


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