VIVEPERUMTV16.17.06 English for children

VIVEPERUMTV16.17.06 English for children

Work: If you are interested in working hand to hand with other local and foreign volunteers in a community in Peru, to develop different activities such as workshops in music, dance, painting, theater, and teaching English to children and youngsters in Piura Peru, this project is for you! The aim of this project is to provide alternatives for children and young people on how to use their free time in positive activities and help them to develop new skills as a complement in their education, and contribute with the local community as they don’t have the economic resources to hire English teachers to teach the children from the community of Piura. If you want to participate for more than 1 month, you can apply for more than one project to extend your stay with children and young people of Piura. ACTIVITIES: The activities that volunteers can develop in the community are: 1. Prepare language workshops: preparing language classes for children and youngsters in the community of Piura. 2. Facilitate music workshops: you can use musical instruments available at the school. 3. Facilitate dance workshops: to exchange cultures through dance. 4. Painting workshops: use paint as a tool for teaching. 5. Organize Educational theater workshops: to create small presentations that include educational, reflection and motivational messages focused for children and youngsters in the community. 6. Organize Recreational activities workshops: sharing experiences with the community through games, sports, culture and languages. 7. Help in the construction and rehabilitation of green areas. 8. Support the community in reforestation activities of the parks and gardens in Piura.
Accomodation and food

Hosting: In a volunteer’s house, water, electricity, showers, kitchen. VEGETERIAN FOOD AVAILABLE: Yes
Leisure activities: The sun with blue skies are constantly showing in Piura, where the soul of the desert and tropical light melt, make it unique in South America. Piura is full of natural attractions, calm water beaches as Paita’s Bay, Mancora’s beach, Pocitas’ beach, many spas, pools, the Bayovar’s phosphate deposit and the Sechura desert with an area of  5240 km2, are some places that volunteers can enjoy in their free time.

Meeting point: indicated in acceptance letter

Requirements: It is compulsory to speak basic conversational level in Spanish and English, ability to speak in front of groups, wanting to share and teach, engage throughout the whole duration of the project. As this project doesn’t receive any support from the government, we ask that volunteers provide some materials for the development of the workshops. It is mandatory to have international traveler insurance. Bring sleeping bag and mattress.


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