VFP-STV07-17 Clean Water For La Vallee

VFP-STV07-17 Clean Water For La Vallee

Work: Volunteers will engage in all the work that Clean Water for La Valle does. This includes planting trees to combat deforestation, painting murals to promote re-forestation and/or clean water practices, and providing educational outreach to adults through engaging as facilitators and participants in our community health promoter training. Your participation also enables VFP to run a 4-day camp for elementary school-aged children where each day will include an activity related to clean water or reforestation. Volunteers will prepare prior to departure on which engaging and appropriate activities to lead.

Accomodation and food: At the beginning and end of your project you will be staying in the TCHAKA Inn, above Despagne’s house. There are a few separate areas where beds, each with a mosquito net, are set up. They have 2 indoor bathrooms as well as an outdoor porch area. There is a Biosand water filter and that provides the clean water you should drink. There is a water holder on the roof which provides water to the sinks and toilets and you might help to refill it. Showers in all locations involve a bucket of water and a scoop to pour it over your head. There is electricity in this location most of the time. Their children welcome guests and will really enjoy your company. Many people speak English at this location! Polene is very aware of food safety issues and you can trust what she prepares for you. In this location only if you are offered ice it is made from clean water, juice is from clean water, vegetables are washed in clean water…Assisting with meal preparation is fun and a great way to learn about the culture. You are encouraged to help and in the kitchen as well as with dish washing and other daily tasks while you are in Port au Prince because you will have limited opportunity to do this in LaVallee. Port au Prince is a hot and noisy city! You may want to bring a squirt bottle to cool yourself, ear plugs to make it easier to sleep or a battery operated fan. There is usually electricity to run the fans at night and to charge electronics but sometimes there are too many people trying to use it and it is very intermittent. Polene and many from her family make art and gifts that will be for sale at this location including bags, paintings, local grown coffee, jewelry and more! You will travel together in a van to LaVallee de Jacmel. The trip will take 4-6 hours depending on traffic. It will be a bit tight in the van and we do not want to stop if it isn’t required so please bring water with you and if you are prone to travel sickness plan to take medication. The road is very windy and at the end quite bumpy. In LaVallee you will be staying at the Sister School. There are two rooms with beds one for the males and one for females. There are bathrooms with water for bathing. There will be electricity, but it will be parsed out in the evenings. The evenings are cooler so there isn’t much need for fans. Clean water will also be provided for you at this site. In both locations there will be sheets. However, it is recommended that you bring a sleeping bag, sleep sack, a small towel, and washcloth. FOOD Haitians eat two meals a day, which are very high in starch. We will be fortunate to have our meals prepared by ETFAG, the new technical school that has a culinary and restaurant school. Therefore, we should be prepared to eat quite well! If you have dietary restrictions please let us know as soon as possible. Regardless, do prepare for eating mainly fruit and vegetables that are in season, rice, beans, corn, pasta, cabbage… It is also highly recommended that you bring snacks and protein unless you generally consume a pretty limited diet.

Location and leisure: Leisure will generally consist of personal interaction with local people and will be organized by you during the project. In Port au Prince you will be offered a visit to the National History museum, a visit to the art market and a trip to an amazing look-out over Port au Prince where you can see the whole city and watch the lights come on. In La Vallee we have arranged for activities such as an evening of basket making, outings to local soccer games, movie nights, and a drumming and dancing party. WE will also visit Bassin-Bleu, a natural water site, as well as a day in Jacmel touring the city and spending the afternoon lazing in the sea.

Project hosted by: Clean Water for La Vallee is a project of VFP with a fully operational Haitian management team located in La Vallee. Other partners in our work include the local schools and Fraternite Valeenne. http://www.cleanwaterforlavallee.org/ http://fraternitevalleenne.org/index.html

Meeting point: Despagne or Polene (pictured above) will meet you at the airport in Port-au-Prince just outside the doors by They will have a sign with the VFP logo on it (attached). Do not be surprised if Airport staff (in the red shirts) help connect you with the VFP representative or offer to help you find your bag but know they are expecting a tip for this. Regardless of if you carry your own bag or pass it to someone to carry for you there will be a required tip before you leave the parking lot so please have US$2-$5 with you for this purpose. If you want to purchase a cell phone or add minutes to a phone for use in Haiti there are both Digicel and Natcom booths in the airport so please do this before you exit the building. You can pay with US dollars for phones and the staff in this location speak English. Cell phones range from $15-$60 depending on the features you choose.


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