TZ.UV.1725 Caravan Workcamp in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania

TZ.UV.1725 Caravan Workcamp in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania

Project Outline: This project is organized under the auspices of Eastern Africa Voluntary Service Development Network (EAVS-NETWORK) that is a regional platform bringing together volunteers involving organizations in the region. EAVS-NETWORK steering committee has agreed to run the sixth edition of the program in 2017 involving the three countries Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The volunteers will stay for one week in each of three countries and this is a great opportunity to enhance inter-cultural learning and exposure to challenges of development.

Theme: Peace Building and conflict transformation The signing of the peace agreements in Africa is indeed commendable and raises new hopes for peace and development. However, peace agreements do not automatically translate into a resolution of the grievances or issues which caused the conflict in the first place. From a peace builder’s perspective, these accords offer new opportunities to reorder society, its structures and institutions, processes and relationships, in a manner that diminishes the possibility of a recurrence of violence and improves the potential for social justice. Reconciliation among former protagonists at all levels is crucial for long-term peace and development. The conflict is between different communities in the three countries is ignited by land issues, scramble for scarce resources and politics. Given the signing of the peace agreements within the great lakes region, peace organizations have opportunities to contribute to the discussion and rationale for post-accord reconstruction and peace building, exploring and reflecting on appropriate values for the youth emerging from conflict. More important, fostering reconciliation amongst people, through whichever processes that are appropriate in each community, is crucial. There are also opportunities in post conflict socio-political dispensation for a peace-oriented civil society to divert attention from the immediate preoccupation with power sharing to fundamentally reconstructing society as a firm foundation on which new and emerging governments can be constructed. Such attempts clearly call for appropriate approaches to building the capacity of the youth as a vehicle capable of pro-active peace and advocacy, conflict resolution/management peace building and reconciliation, and supporting processes needed in building relationships amongst communities at grassroots level.

Involvement of the Youth: The youth comprise the most energetic, resourceful and dynamic population who are in a transitional stage and receptive to new ideas. In Kenya, the youth are the majority with the capacity to contribute to socio-economic development as they can offer solutions to current development challenges. Youth involvement will not alienate the men and women but will bolster the impact to flow to the entire society.

Itinerary: The 2017 Regional Caravan will start from Uganda, moving to Kenya and finally end in Tanzania. The Proposed dates and routes are as follows:

Location: Central Uganda
Arrival: 15th July 2017
End: 24th July 2017
Number of Days: 7 Days

Location: Kuria in Migori County South West Kenya
Arrival Date: 25th July 2017
End Date: 3rd August 2017
Number of days: 7 days

Location: Dar es Salaam
Arrival Date: 4th August 2017
End Date: 13th August 2017
Number of days: 7 days

Number of Volunteers: The project will host maximum of 25 volunteers

Project Activities: Series of activities will be carried out as part of this project as detailed in the detailed project descriptions from the three countries Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Volunteers should expect to work on all listed activities or some of them depending on the weather as well time of the project. Flexibility is highly appreciated for the volunteers choosing this project.

Study Part: The main topic will be “Peace Building and Conflict Transformation” Volunteers are encouraged to bring information from their home communities on the subject matter for sharing. Please note that, you might be requested to facilitate some of the workshops or other public events.

Free time activities: The project provides you with an opportunity to enjoy what nature spectacularly endows the Eastern African region and this will depend on the amount of time available for the volunteers during the trip to Eastern Africa and of course the financial resources.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be hosted either in School building or houses provided by the hosting organization and communities. There are adequate sanitation facilities. Volunteers will be sharing rooms, some with mattresses on the floor. Electricity will be available though not reliable and it is advisable to keep this in mind avoid disappointment while in urban and rural Africa.

Food: Food will be provided to the volunteers throughout the project while in the community. Volunteers will share cooking in turns with a support of a local kitchen staff. Volunteers with meals restrictions should inform the camp leader/facilitator on arrival for prior arrangements. Vegetarian meals will be available.

Project Finances:

  • Participation fee: 150 Euro (Non-refundable) to be paid on arrival per country hosting the caravan work camp. The total cost will be Euro 450 for the three countries. The fee does not include medical services, Visas, pocket money, free/leisure activities and other personal expenses.
  • What is included in the fees?: Accommodation and meals during the project, travel fares from one project (country) to the other, project administration, evaluation and certificate of participation
  • Airport Pick up: 20 Euro (The service is optional and applies to volunteers coming through Nairobi-Kenya and Tanzania. Please notify UPA-Uganda and KVDA Kenya at least one week in advance in case you need airport transfer services).
  • Visa costs and vaccinations: Project descriptions from respective countries indicate the visa costs and it is important for the volunteer to check with the Kenyan/Ugandan/Tanzania consulate in the country of Residence the possibility of getting the newly introduced visa for the East African Community. Kindly note that this cost will be borne by the volunteer.
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