TurnOnline – Online Activism training event

TurnOnline – Online Activism training event

The training “Online activism” is part of the long-term project “TURN ONline: digital transformation of youth organizations, promoting peace and Human Rights”. The project TURN Online is dedicated to promote the idea of Digital Transformation of youth NGOs, working in the field of peace building and Human Rights. You can get more information about the project here

The main aim of the training “Online activism” is to reflect on the online actions of youth organizations in order to improve the forms of online activism in the youth work context. It is evidently that being active only in the offline reality it is not enough for being effective with
the actions. Youth NGO promoting peace and Human Rights need to strengthen their presence in online world through strategic usage of social networks and taking actions online: organizing communicational and crowdfunding campaigns, creating petitions and other forms
of online activism.
Within our training we plan to move from the “clicktivism” and “to save the world click here” cultures to conscious and well planned online and digital activism that implies civic engagement, social mobilization and social changes through strategic usage of Internet and digital tools.ba
The main topics that will be discussed during the activity are:
– history of online activism
– elements and types of online activism
-“clicktivism” and “To save the world click here” culture
– good examples of online activism.

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