Trait d’Union pour l’Inclusion- Hyphen for Inclusion

Trait d’Union pour l’Inclusion- Hyphen for Inclusion

The “Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs”, aka CBB, is a non-profit, non-political Youth Organisation recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of Belgium. The organisation proposes different kinds of activities, mainly based on volunteering and non-formal education: local and international work-camps, youth exchanges, medium and long term voluntary services, leisure time activities for and with disabled people.

Location of the project:
Compagnons Bâtisseurs asbl presents the specificity to develop of lot of international exchanges and to be located in a small town of the south-French-speaking part of Belgium. From our office, based in the main square of Marche-en-Famenne, a 17 000 inhabitants town of the province of Luxembourg, we organise projects all over the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of Belgium and we maintain close partnerships with non-profit organisations from all over the world. This unique situation will allow the volunteer to share the semi-rural life style of the area, but also to meet young people from different places of the country as well as to be in contact with people from the other side of the earth.

CBB develop different kinds of actions mainly focused on group dynamics. Through these actions the association also tries to promote inclusion of people with fewer
opportunities and people with learning difficulties or disabilities. Our EVS volunteer will be actively involved in our activities, from the preparation to the
evaluation, and her/his role will mainly be to facilitate, together with CBB leaders and other CBB volunteers, the participation of people with fewer opportunities or disabilities.

The volunteer will be particularly involved in three CBB actions:

1- The programme “Volunteering, leisure time and disability”;

2- Organization and animation of projects as work camps and youth exchanges whose aim is the integration of youngsters with less opportunities;

3- CBB training for young leaders of summer camps.

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