Training Theatre in Global Education

Training Theatre in Global Education

The project “Training Theatre in Global Education” (TTGE) aims to combine methodology of global education,
theatre and peer education – the approaches that are being used by leading partner organizations(Humanitas,
Ephebus and EPTO). Project intends to develop new methodology that will enable deeper and more efficient
awareness raising of global interdependencies and the role of each individual on the local and global level.
Each method (global education, theatre and peer education) itself has a big potential, however, combined in
a new methodology they can prove to present even more efficient way to engage youth in proactive activities,
foster their understanding of the interconnectedness of the world, and encourage them to share their ideas
and experiences with their peers.

The project is divided in three main phases:
1. First training (Slovenia, 2017) – TAT*
2. Practicing the new methods (Slovenia & Hungary, October 2017 – March 2018)
3. Second training (Hungary, 2018) – TTT*

The first training will focus on the presentation of three methods: global education, theatre and peer education, and combine them into powerful methodology for raising awareness about global interconnectedness and interdependency, and about the importance of becoming active global citizens. The participants will understand their unique role in the society and the power they have to contribute to positive social change. We will provide participants with different activities that can be used within their work with young people, especially those with fewer opportunities. Between the first and the second training, participants will prepare and implement the activities in their local environment, and thus put into practice the new knowledge and skills acquired during the training. They will learn from experience and additionally develop the new methodology and adapt it to their own needs. The second training will be a great opportunity to share the experiences which participants gained while using the new methods in their working environment. They will present the outcomes and possible improvements of the activities to the trainers and other participants who will provide feedback to them. All participants will be invited to take part in the discussion about the opportunities of combining the three methods (Global education, theatre and peer education).
The final output will be a brochure about the new methodology, in which participants’ experience, theory and practice will be combined.

Profile of the participants:
Altogether, 20 participants will be involved in the project, 10 from Slovenia and 10 from Hungary. It is very important for partners to select participants that will be able to attend both trainings (first in Slovenia, second in Hungary), as well as to organize the workshops between the two trainings.

Participants should:

  • be of age 18+
  • have previous experiences with facilitating the workshops (preferably with young people)
  • be able to actively participate in English language
  • to participate full time at both trainings (3 – 8 October 2017 / Slovenia, estimated date: March 2018 /

Participants who commit to this training will have to:

  • complete minimum 6 hours of practice between 1st and 2nd part of the training (facilitation of activities in their local environment)
  • present a draft idea of their future action plan – how they will use the new methodology within their work
    (presentations will take place during the trainings)

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