The Difference Between

The Difference Between

In our everyday communication, at home and at work, we have a different impact with different people.
How would your working performance benefit if you could create the impact you aim for? What if you start communicating in a more effective, more appealing manner while having the capacity to create better connection with others?
This training course will allow you to explore the difference between all layers of communication with the support of input and tools coming from theatre, dance, body awareness, embodied coaching and more.

During 7 days we want to give you the space to explore the following questions:

  • What are my communication patterns? How do they limit or support me in my interactions?
  • How to maintain, create and expand connection with others? Which tools can support me?
  • What is the relationship between emotional state and my body? How can I use it for my own advantage?
  • How to increase my flexibility, creativity and playfulness?
  • How to develop meaningful cooperation in an international working context?

The training will allow you to develop your own skillset or toolkit, with different inputs, approaches and exercises, so that you:

  • Become more aware of your own communication at all levels: non-verbal, vocal and verbal;
  • Discover new possibilities of movement to support your communication;
  • Improve your capacity for creating connection with others and gain their willing cooperation;
  • Develop a more persuasive and impactful communication;
  • Optimize the use of your body as a tool to create an emotional impact on others;
  • Enhance your emotional mastery – improving the management of your emotions throughout the day, especially when dealing with unexpected situations;
  • Enhance your performance as a team member in a intercultural and international group;
  • Diversify your working approach.

Our training approach
We believe that everything starts with awareness. Therefore in this training course we create the space to connect with yourself and others. The core activities which we provide for your journey are creative tools you can also implement in your work back home. We give plenty of time to reflect with the trainers, in small groups, with yourself or with peers. This ensures a strong learning experience which you can form according to your personal goals, and ensures adaption.

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