SVIEK04-17 Culture&nature speak English

SVIEK04-17 Culture&nature speak English


Perform cultural and environmental activities with the youth and children of the area with a view to promoting the learning and use of English in an enjoyable manner. Share experiences with people from different cultures and countries. This is a way of enabling small towns in the area to open up to the world by taking advantage of their environmental wealth. This work camp will enable young people from around the world to interact with local residents, work with young people and study nature and the cultural landscape. Work camp volunteers will ensure that local children and youths, aged 5 to 15, will improve their knowledge of English, while enjoying the outstanding natural environment. Work camp volunteers will also learn the customs, culture and way of life in Busturialdea through their interaction with these children and youths. They shall be organised in groups and each group will include work camp participants and monitors. The work camp will include several towns: Ereño, Gautegiz-Arteaga, Kortezubi, etc. Activities connected with the work camp will take place in the morning and will always be based on the same programme, in such a way that there will always be an activity dedicated to learning specific vocabulary in an enjoyable manner; another area will be dedicated to the country and the environment where a number of topics will be covered, such as water, world games, traditional dances… and, finally, the group will assess the day′s work. Volunteers will need to provide a certificate of good conduct (criminal record sheet) in English, before the beginning of the camp and bring the original with them.

Accommodation & food

Accommodation will be in the Mundaka school, which features a kitchen and refectory. Two areas will be adapted as dormitories and there will also be a storeroom. Showers and dressing rooms will be provided at the facilities of the Mundaka rowing team. In addition, the facilities of the Culture Centre and the pelota court, a short distance from the accommodation, will also be available. Furthermore, take into account that Laidatzu Beach is also in Mundaka.

Location & leisure

The entertainment team will propose a series of activities to facilitate the relationship between all the people participating in the work camp and the community where the camp is located. This will lead to a better understanding of the environment in which the work will be performed and enable participants to become familiar with Basque Country culture and customs (sports, games, excursions, cultural visits…).All these activities will include all the people in the group and will be carried out in the evenings and on weekends.
Project hosted by
SVI (International Volunteering Service), is part of the Spanish Institute for Youth (Instituto de la Juventud-Injuve), a Public Institution dependent on the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, whose main purpose is to promote international volunteering projects and activities among youth people. The SVI coordinates the international work camps organized by the Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities in Spain, and is responsible for managing the exchange of available places between the Work Camps in Spain and the International Organizations.
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