Sustainers Training Course

Sustainers Training Course

Sustainers – Sustainable Project Design is an 8-day long intense training course for those who are working with youth and would like to support them by giving them tools and improving their skills to create a more sustainable lifestyle by using design thinking methodology.

This training is here for you to:

  • improve cooperation skills, tools, practices and strategies of youth NGOs
  • make NGO visibility, and dissemination activities more effective
  • enhance cross-sectoral sharing of expertise, cooperation and networking among young entrepreneurs and/or youth leaders
  • raise the recognition of non-formal learning and youth work
  • stimulate the creation of youth projects and innovative enterprises

Participants’ profile:

  • You have experience in youth work as a youth organization staff, member, volunteer, mentor, youth leader
  • You are at least 18 years old, able to communicate easily in English, and able to participate fully in the programme from the beginning till the end
  • You are willing to work during the whole training program -it will be intense, meaning a minimum of 8-10 training hours/day.

About the program

​It is an intensive training course, where participants are going to have a chance to get to know and experience how to work with design thinking and sustainability, to support their NGOs or create new and innovative activities, workshops or project plans.

We facilitate learning by non-formal methods: self-directed work towards learning goals; self-assessment; skills development workshops, individual-, couple- and group work; simulations, exercises form creative expression, drama, dance and outdoor, debriefings, and plenary discussions.

Participants are going to get real-life experience of how to work with special target groups. The uniqueness of the training will be that participants are going to create and implement small workshops for local youth on the topic of sustainability.


17th March: Arrival
18th March: Getting to know each other and the theme of the training
19th March: Design Thinking Mindset
20th March: Planning tools and getting ready for the workshops
21-22nd March: Workshop days
23rd March: Getting to know young entrepreneurs in the theme of sustainability
24th March: Evaluation and closing
25th March: Departure

* The organisers maintain the right to change the program.

The project is co-financed by Erasmus+. Food and accommodation are fully covered by the organisers. You can apply for a funded spot if you reside in one of if you are a resident in one of the Member States of the EU, and we will support you with finding a partner organisation.
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We ask for a contribution of participants: 70 €

Travel reimbursement* is possible up to the following limits:

10-99 km – 20 €
100-499 km – 180 €
500-1999 km – 275 €
2000-2999 km – 360 €
3000-3999 km – 530 €
*For this training course, it’s recommended to use Green Travel.

Partners of the training course:

Allianssi (Finland) –
Roes Cooperativa (Greece) –
Vsi uMunthu (Lithuania) –
Solidarités Jeunesses (France) –
ELIX (Greece) –

Please read the attached Infopack before applying!

Apply here until 5th March: Sustainers Training Course – Application Form

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