NICE-17-068 Shinko

NICE-17-068 Shinko


Volunteers will help to run the Summer School for the children by 1) assisting their programs to experience rural cultures, 3) run the English speaking classes and 3) organize inter-cultural exchange of play, music and dance of the world. The community expect that some of the children will love this place and move to live and study from the cities in the future!

Accommodation & food:

Camping site. Meals (attention: only vegan food may be possible!) will be cooked by volunteers by turns. Sleeping bag is necessary.

Location & leisure:

Shinko district is located in the south west of Nagano city which is located in the north east of Nagano prefecture. The climate is colder than low land, so even in summer, it may be cool in the evening and morning. Rice and apples farming is the main industry.

Project hosted by:

This workcamp has been organized with the local community since 2016. Takano village of Shinko district is surrounded by the mountains and located at 750-800 a.s.l. The village don’t have particular attractions for tourists and ongoing depopulation and aging, that is a common serious issue in most of the country sides (or even the whole country!) of Japan, would be more serious in the future. But they have great attraction of natural and cultural heritages! The ex. Director of NICE is living here since 2015 and 4 workcamps were successfully organized in 2016 with NICE on which the volunteers mainly worked for nature farming and creating a trail in the mountain where we can enjoy amazing view of Japanese northern Alps!

Additional comment:

Other activities: Exchange party with the local people, lesson to learn local traditional recipe, etc.


High motivation to work with kids all day and to run outdoor activities even in rain. Similar types of experience and Japanese speaking skill are welcome! Volunteers need to accept and enjoy vegan food. Motivation letter is needed!


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