School of Solidarity 2024 – Learning without Borders II.

School of Solidarity 2024 – Learning without Borders II.

A Work with us to grant meaningful programmes for children who have been forced to flee Ukraine. The main activity will be holding workshops and leisure time activities for the children in the Learning Without Borders School or Madridi Street Refugee Shelter to improve their resilience and general well-being.

About us

Egyesek Youth Association organizes this volunteer program together with Migration Aid (MigAid) in their Learning Without Borders (LWB) project or Madridi Street Refugee Shelter. The main goal of the LWB project since April 2022 is to create the possibility for children to spend their days in a safe community as soon as possible after fleeing the war zone. Within the framework of the institution, they can participate in emotional, social, and integration programs, while we provide the opportunity to continue their studies and learn the Hungarian language.


The aim of volunteering is most importantly to create and hold meaningful programs regularly that support the children’s development and studies, meanwhile helping with the everyday duties (lunch, cleaning) in the institution.  In the LWB project, arts and crafts or a hip-hop dance afternoon club for the small ones, and computer lessons for the older ones are just some of the possible classes that would improve their knowledge and spirit. In the Madridi shelter volunteers will help to run the refugee hostel, like taking care of the reception, helping with the dining room, taking care of the children, supporting learning in the study room, and organizing sports and leisure time activities.


We are looking for motivated volunteers, who have a sense of empathy, patience, and experience to teach small kids and teenagers. Who are good at (nonverbal) communication and get along well with children from different age groups. This workcamp is especially suitable for volunteers who have an experience or are interested in working with children and refugees.

Accommodation and food; leisure time

All volunteers will be accommodated in a hostel in Budapest and we will provide a 2-week public transportation ticket. Lunch will be provided in the institution, and breakfast and dinner are self-organized, but covered by the project cost. The evenings and weekends will be free to explore the city of Budapest.

Training during the activity

Before the arrival, we will ask participants to complete a self-study course (child safeguarding). On the first Sunday, a one-day orientation training will be provided. This will be followed by mentoring sessions to support the learning and professional development of you. In the institution, MigrationAid staff will provide further support if required.

Additional comments

We warn the volunteers that the consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly forbidden inside the school.

It is an advantage if the volunteers have basic knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian language.

Besides, it is necessary to have basic knowledge about a group’s animation (songs, music, dance, plays…) and to be able to assume responsibility within a group. Being able to listen to others is very important there. This kind of workcamp is a very rich personal and human experience. It makes people aware of the complexity of certain social conditions related to the great inequalities on our planet.

In order to demonstrate this, we ask the candidate volunteers to apply here:

We will do our best to keep you updated about your application, but due to the nature of volunteering and as it is at the beginning of the year, please expect a longer response time, please be patient. We may organize online group interviews as a next step too.