SAVWA0024 Orphan Care Support

SAVWA0024 Orphan Care Support

Work: Providing support and care to orphans and improving their emotional situations and their level of acceptance with daily routines at an orphanage home called Kingdom Life Children’s Center. A good-hearted woman resident in Atteridgeville realizing the urgent need for caring for the children in the area with no other place to go has established this home. Initially time and effort was invested in establishing, registering and organizing the affairs of the Home. The main focus currently is to create better opportunities for the children to develop in a stable and caring environment, and to improve their life skills. Forty-four children and counting aged between six and nineteen reside at the Home on a full time basis. It is of paramount importance to us to render services and programs that is in the best interest of every individual child. Just as soon as you think you’ve seen the worst of cases, you come across yet another one. Abusers don’t discriminate against colour, creed or age. Child Abuse is rife in South Africa and unfortunately not nearly enough is being done to protect the future of our country, the children. Government is shirking their responsibility when it comes to providing for destitute families therefore making it increasingly difficult for the poorest of the poor to survive. Abuse & Poverty are the main contributing factors to street children and abandoned baby statistics in our country. Volunteers will get first hand activities such as baby minding and cleaning the house. Other activities will be mentioned with consultation with volunteers as well as matron consultation what exactly needs to be carried out during the work camp.

Accomodation and food: What to bring: Warm clothes, Sleeping bag, sun cream, mosquito spray/lotion, sandals, working gloves and closed shoes are advisable. Rain coat, light working clothes during working hours and warm clothes at night, as it may turn out to be chilly; Torch or flash light; Accommodation: Accommodation will be in rooms at the project center. Participants will be required to bring their own sleeping bags. The accommodation has a simple bathroom with shower and there is running water. The accommodation and work place have flushing toilets and do have electricity.

Location and leisure: Language: The community has multi-cultural people and English is mostly spoken with local languages such as Sotho, Zulu, and Tshwana to name a few. Extra info: The work camp participation fee is strictly Euro 200 and this covers simple accommodation, food and project expenses during the camp. Please note that this does not include travel expenses to and from the camp, so participants are asked to reserve a small amount of money for transport to the camp and vice-verse. We advise all volunteers to ask for advice from us when they are planning to book their ticket to Pretoria. Leisure Activities: Weekends are meant to be for free tours that the group can organize by themselves. All our work camps are reserved for cultural nights when each volunteer can present her/his country and culture.

Requirements: Qualification of participants: – Open minded, ready to interact with other people of different cultural background – Positive attitude – Willing to share his/her experiences – Flexible to live/stay in simple living conditions – Flexible to eat local food – Ready to do heavy manual work on the project and No experience needed

Project hosted by: Kingdom Life Children Center, children have undergone regular workshops on various topics including hygiene management, health matters and ethics amongst others. The children of the Kingdom Life Children’s Centre have an abundance of talent. The children receive classes in playing the violin; they are great chorists and are excellent gumboot dancers. Music is a great way of teaching the children about life, and also provides them some escape from their own experiences. Kingdom Life provides a caring home environment for children that are at their most vulnerable.

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