ALLI09 Puppet Theatre

ALLI09 Puppet Theatre


The volunteers will organize outdoor activities for children at the local playground and also practice and perform puppet theatre shows for them. The puppet theatre performances have manuscripts promoting topics such as fair trade etc.


The volunteers will be accommodated in a flat on mattresses. Food will be prepared together.

Location & leisure:

Pori is located on the west coast of Finland, and the distance to Helsinki is 250 kilometers. More information from: There will be an international jazz festival in July in Pori so there are lots of events and free time program available ( leisure time, volunteers have possibilities for various kinds of activities.

Project hosted by:

The camp is organized by Nuori Pori 2100 (Young Pori 2100) which is a local youth organization.They have organized cultural activities for children for long time aiming at bringing joy to local children.


The volunteers need travel insurance for the duration of their stay.


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