PT-IPJ 11.1 Famalicão Makeover Volunteer Spot

PT-IPJ 11.1 Famalicão Makeover Volunteer Spot

Work: Being part of this work camp the youngsters will have the chance to participate in tasks like indoor and outdoor paintings, finishes carpentry, furniture refurbishment and construction of storage facilities through the re-use of pallets; decoration of the space with reused materials; gardening. The participants will have the opportunity to join free time activities like swimming pool, cinema, beach. They will take part in workshops of stencil, didgeridoo and participatory video and will have chance to visit and get to know Vila nova de Famalicão, Oporto and Vila do Conde cities.

Accommodation and food: Breakfast will be provided at the accommodation (school) by the monitors and a rotating team among the participants. The journey is continuous and at lunch, the food will be delivered by a catering restaurant at school by 14pm. Dinner will be served at the accommodation at 8 pm (a warm meal to prepare for a comforting evening

Location and leisure: Famalicão

Project hosted by: Famalicão Makeover Volunteer Spot is a work camp to perform and contribute to create a volunteers spot – a space that youngsters will use to develop competences, generate new ideas and projects, share knowledge and experiences with other youngsters. The objectives of the camp are: promote youth mobility and European consciousness of belonging; promote exchange and share of traditions and life experiences among youngsters from different countries; promote personal and social development of young people in an intercultural atmosphere; encourage the active participation of young people, committed and proactive in the society, promoting their empowerment and autonomy and support initiatives and projects, solidarity and youth volunteering.

Requirements: Young people have to participate in activities concerning the functioning of the Camp, meet schedules, follow the guidance of tutors, assist in cleaning of spaces used, participate in the planned activities, meet colleagues, meet the overnight hours, participate in leisure activities. The absence of the field for any reason must be requested and authorized by those responsible


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