Peace Action Week

Peace Action Week

The Peace Action Week – “ReMaking Change Happen” will be focused on the actions implemented by the IVS movement on this topic, and will be particularly oriented towards advocacy actions regarding rights of migrants & refugees. We believe that migration is a challenge which could be transformed into an opportunity for our societies to grow and become more inclusive, multicultural, and peaceful.

Participants will share, discover and experience new tools, methods and practices that they can use on their everyday involvement as youth activists for the promotion and protection of human rights. The project aims to support the social inclusion of young migrants in Europe by increasing intercultural awareness among local communities, as well as by actively engaging young migrants and refugees in the project and its’ follow up activities.


Target group: youth workers and leaders involved in IVS organizations, activists committed
to human rights and peace. Ideally, we would like to include some young people with a
migration background.



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