We would like to invite you to rethink and retell your personal and cultural stories, and exchange them with 39 other people from 8 European countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain,)

The aim of Outline: a journey to discover your personal map is to rethink and retell our personal stories connected to geographical locations, to welcome each others’ differences and see each person and issue in its uniqueness.

We are used to be defined by the place where we were born and grow up. However, we often question our belonging, identity and origins, because we try to fit into concepts developed in different times under different circumstances. In Outline, we create a space to experiment and experience, to declutter and to see what is there to keep and what is there to change.

​Through the diverse 10-day program, you will have the chance to outline your own personal journey. We built up the program in way that it resembles the places where we live: from our little living place we will take the journey to Europe where we are not alone anymore. At the same time, from an individual you will also become a member of the our community.



We invite 4 young people (age 16-30) from each country and a group leader (18+). We aim to provide Outline as an entry point: young people without experience in international projects are welcomed, also those who have never been abroad and it is their first time away from their family. We are ready and prepared to provide a safe environment for you in Outline. We also welcome youngsters who have some experience in Erasmus+ projects and they would like to serve as well: support other people in their country groups and offer their understanding of the topic.



To apply, fill in our online application form.

Application deadline: 15 December 2018

Results: 17 December 2018


Bővebb információ: https://outlineyourjourney.weebly.com/

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