Open the European window for Youth in Cournon

Open the European window for Youth in Cournon

The association of local authorities of St Pourçain Sioule Limagne is a public organisation grouping together 61 municipalities. It manages various departments and policies for the whole territory, including the youth sector.
Its educative project aims to guide people from their childhood, in their familial and self fulfilment. Main goals are:
– Integration of youngsters by informing them about the opportunities they have, and by developing these opportunities locally, particularly in the socio-cultural field.
– Empowerment, raising awareness and prevention of risks toward youngsters.
– Participation and involvement of young people in the actions of the youth sector.

There is a strong will not to substitute the family but to support it in its educative approach.

Project environment: Cournon d’Auvergne is a city near to Clermont-Ferrand and counts around 20,000 inhabitants. Considered for a long time as a dormitory town of Clermont-Ferrand, Cournon is now asserting itself as a proper city possessing all necessary infrastructures, services and activities for its own development. Clermont-Ferrand is the regional capital of Auvergne, its urban area gathers 300 000 inhabitants. Beyond an industrial past, the city gradually oriented its economy on the service sector. Development of important university poles was also targeted, and today Clermont-Ferrand hosts around 35 000 students whose 5000 from other countries. This high number of local and foreign students helps in the city dynamism, including artistic creation and spectacles, or numerous non-profit sportive and cultural organisations. Furthermore, the city centre is rich of a great historical patrimony such as the Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, the medieval centre, etc.
The whole urban area has various recent equipment, enabling to access to a wide and numerous offer of live performances: the festival of Europavox, for instance, is a music festival held in May which aims to understand the diversity of European music production.

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