MS10 Making the festival ‘Musik i Lejet’

MS10 Making the festival ‘Musik i Lejet’

Work: The work will consist of building up and taking down the festival. During the festival – you will not work and you will have time to enjoy the music, the ambience and the party. The festival lasts Thursday to Saturday night – the 20.-22. July Building up and taking the festival site is manual work and you will be a part of the Musik i Lejet site-coordination-crew. Experience with handtools (hammer, screwdriver etc.) is not a requirement, but definitely an advantage. You will work as a Work Camp-group among other groups. In total there is 80-200 volunteers each day at the site, who mostly come from local cultural organizations or sports associations. The work you will be during shift from day-to-day, as the festival site changes. One day you paint, another day you set up a bar, the backstage, the stage and so on. As a part of the festival-site-coordination-crew we all work the same hours 9:30 am – 18:00 pm. There will be breaks during the day. Every day we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together, and therefore we quickly get to know one and other. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and get a lot of new Danish friends. We often refer to the site-coordination-crew as a big family – because there is a certain feeling of being part of making something become reality – and a feeling that we depend on each other.

Accommodation and food: Sleeping facilities: All participants will be accommodated at the local school in Tisvildeleje. There will be indoor housing in the classrooms with up to 6 persons in each room. We will provide mattresses, but you will have to bring your own sleeping bag. Kitchen + bathroom facilities: The kitchen chefs at the festival site will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all the days during your stay except the three days when the festival is going on. You will not work during the festival. Kitchen: There is a kitchen at the school, where you will be able to cook yourself. Washing machine will be available too. Bathroom facilities: Both at the festival site and at the school there are bathroom facilities, shower and so on. There is of course also the big sea just by the festival site – so you can also take a swim.

Location and leisure: Musik i Lejet is situated in the old fisherman’s town Tisvildeleje. The festival site is contemporary and is located on a big parking lot between the forest and the sea. Tisvildeleje is a very small, cosy town. It is just next to the sea and the forest so you can of course enjoy taking a run, a walk in the woods and the take a swim in the sea. At the school, there is table tennis, a yard where you can play football or basket. We will also have a projector, so you can watch movies on a big screen at bedtime.

Project hosted by: Musik i Lejet is a non-profit organisation, and consists of three fulltime employees and around 1800 volunteers. The music festival is situated by the beach in Tisvildeleje and founded in 2009. The festival has three main stages, which represents new tendencies within the Danish scene of indie and electro rock. The festival is based on volunteer work and donates the surplus to charity and other non-profit organisations.

Meeting point

Arrival: July 13th 2017 between 12-3 pm. Departure: July 28th 2017 at 12 o’clock. On arrival we will pick you up at Tisvildeleje Train Station and go to Skt. Helene School address: Tisvilde Bygade 37, 3220 Tisvildeleje. On departure day the 28th of July we will walk you to the train station at 12:00 – the train to Copenhagen leaves 12:21.

Additional comments: Most of the work will be outdoor, so bring clothing which is fit for outdoor work – important – and bring your rain clothing in case that it rains. English will be the only language spoken. All participants must be willing to speak English, even though being from the same country or having troubles with the English language. Try your best!

Requirements: A motivational letter is required. It is an advantage if you know how to use a hammer, a paint brush or a screwdriver, and that you have a mentality where you like things to happen.


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