MS09 – Camp Avannaa – Under the Midnight Sun

MS09 – Camp Avannaa – Under the Midnight Sun

Work: Association Greenlandic Children wants Camp Avannaa to give the children of Qaanaaq the best summer ever. The activities will take place five days a week 12.00-18.00, and will fall into these categories: – Music – Dance – Photography – Singing – Games – Sports – A daily/weekly “newspaper”/info board about the activities of the camp. The precise activities will be decided within the group. We value creative skills a lot on this camp, since the activities will be in form of dancing, singing, playing music, playing sports, doing theatre, telling stories, panting etc. These activities are much appreciated in Qaanaaq and both children and adults will want to participate. Once a week we will invite the entire population to a social event. This could be a night of music and dancing, teaching each other to play an instrument, cooking food from your home country, movie night etc. You will only be given one day off each week; Sunday. On Sundays you are completely free to do whatever you want.

Accommodation and food: Sleeping facilities: You will stay at the school’s dormitory. Here you will share a bedroom with another volunteer (same sex). You do not need to bring a sleeping bag. You will share two washing machines. Kitchen + bathroom facilities: You share the living room and kitchen area, toilets and showers. You will split up in teams and take turns on the responsibility for grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Since Qaanaaq ia very far up North and they only have the cargo ship coming in 1-2 a year, the grocery store is very scarce. It can be very difficult to get fresh fruit and vegetables, but there will be plenty of canned food, frozen food, meat, fish etc. Therefore you should be able to adapt to these local conditions or bring a small stock of goods yourself.

Location and leisure: Qaanaaq is placed on a latitude of 79 Degrees North, far away from any other civilization. Qaanaaq is now a midsize town in Greenland with 600 inhabitants. 100 of these are children at the age of 6 to 15 years. Qaanaaq is in many ways a well equipped town with a store, post office, school, kinder garden, church, airport etc. But in many ways Qaanaaq is also a very remote place. The nature in Greenland in general is amazing. But in Qaanaaq there will always be a risk of meeting a polar bear, why leaving town will take place whith somebody local to guide us. Hiking in the fells and the nearby glaciers is amazing and a unique experience. We will try to help you organize a weekly leisure activity going hiking, fishing etc. Hopefully the gym will be open for us around the clock. It will also be possible to play football or other sports with the community. Since Qaanaaq is on 79 degrees North, there will be broad daylight around the clock. If you’re a runner a like to take a walk, it’s possible to go for a walk or a run on the road towards the airport… app. 4km each way.

Project hosted by: The Danish NGO Association for Greenlandic Children has been making projects for children and youth in Greenland since 1924. We are now doing projects for children and youngsters in Greenland, and for Greenlandic children, youngsters and their families in Denmark. We have been doing work camps every summer since 2014. See (only in Danish) Our first camp took place in Qaanaaq in 2014, and we are looking foreward to be returning til Qaanaaq this summer.

Meeting point: To go to this camp you are in for an exciting trip! First you need to go from your home country to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. It is necessary that you arrive in Copenhagen no later than the 11th of July, and you also have to stay at least two nights in Copenhagen after the camp has ended. This is to make it more likely that you will catch your plane back home from Copenhagen. You need to arrange accomodation yourself. You can book a bed at MS’s new international hostel Globalhagen: Meeting point and Time: 12th of July at Copenhagen Airport Terminal 2 Between 06:00-07:00. You will check-in together with the rest of the group and the leaders. Then you fly directly to Thule Air Base with an American Military Airforce flight and then with Helicopter. You will receive more information later. Return to Copenhagen: We will land in Copenhagen Airport app. 22:00 on the 10th of August IMPORTANT: Do not buy plane tickets before MS “allows” it. Otherwise we cannot be responsible for the tickets if cancelled. But do not worry – We are almost 100% sure that the camp will take place! Invite your friends and it will happen! When you order your plane ticket from your home country to Copenhagen it is a good idea to buy a “delayed arrival insurance” since the weather in Greenland is not very reliable.

Additional comments: Internet- and mobile connections can be very scarce. Your phone operator might not be operating in Qaanaaq. The camp phone is open 1-2 hours every night for your Family to call you. We have a very restricted access to the internet, but we will help you to get online app. once a week. Uploading pictures ect. cannot happen though. There is no need to bring a laptop. You will not be allowed to take photos of the children and families during the activities. You are free to take pictures in your spare time, walking in the streets, hiking etc. You can also get copies of our photographer’s photos from the activities. We do not allow the use of substances (alcohol etc.) the entire month in Qaanaaq. We are working with vulnerable children and youngsters that might have bad experiences with drunk grown-ups and need sober and good role models. English as a conversational level is necessary. English will be the only language spoken. All participants must be willing to speak English, even though being from the same country or having troubles with the English language. Try your best!

Requirements: IMPORTANT! Volunteers will travel as a group from Copenhagen to Greenland first by plane and then two times by helicopter to get to the Work Camp. You only buy ticket from your homeland to Copenhagen and back. Tickets from Copenhagen to Qaanaq will be provided but therefore you pay travel costs which will be subsidized in accordance to the home country of the volunteer. Travel costs: 4000 DKK / 500 EUR for people from non-European countries 6000 DKK / 800 EUR for people from European countries 8000 DKK / 1000 EUR for people from Scandinavian countries You will be flying with the American Airforce from Copenhagen to Thule. For some countries this might prolong the visum process. Hence it is important to apply in good time for this Camp! It is positive if you have experience with staying/living in secluded Communities. Qaanaaq is very far away from the rest of Greenland and the rest of the World. In Qaanaaq planes to the nearest bigger town is only once a week. It is not possible to sail to any bigger town. Being able to live without internet and scarce telephone connection is very important. Food will mainly be fish and meet – but vegetarian food is possible as long as you are allright with eating canned and frozen vegetables. You will be working with kids six hours a day, so you should find joy in spending time with children and know how to be patient with them. Most of the children do not understand English so you should be open to other ways of communicating. A motivational letter and criminal record is required.


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