MOL09 Art Labyrinth

MOL09 Art Labyrinth

Work: Typical activities and tasks:

  • creativity workshop: search on the internet for new topics and techniques, learn the techniques with the support of ourteam members, prepare materials, help beneficiaries, encourage the beneficiaries to be creative, ensure safety ofbeneficiaries and acknowledge their progress at the end of the workshop
  • outdoor activities: support the team in the preparation phase, helping them prepare materials, rules, find new workshopideas and adapt them to the target group s age, promote the workshops (by social networks or distributing flyers),support the implementation of the workshops by making sure that participants are actively involved, respect rules andsafety
  • designing information leaflets;
  • preparing newsletter;
  • assisting in the organisation of festival (preparing invitations, contacting artists, register participants, drafting finalreports);
  • website editing, forum, twitter and facebook page moderation;
  • assiting in the drafting of press releases and press invitations;
  • contacting potential partners (NGOs, youth organizations) and media;

Working hours: 4-6 hours/day.

Accommodation and food: There are different types of accommodation:A bedroom in the host family;A bedroom in a flat out side of the project where 2-6 volunteers live together. It depends on the availability of the places for the time of your application.Volunteers receive food allowance

Location and leisure: Location: Project is situated in the suburb area of the capital of Moldova i Chisinau. Chisinau is the main administrative, economic, scientific and cultural centre of Moldova. The city has just over 700,000inhabitants and the whole metropolitan area is roughly one million inhabitants. In terms of number ofinhabitants, Chisinau is the largest city of the country. Chisinau is divided in five administrative sectors;Botanica, Buiucani, Center, Ciocana and Riscani. It is often referred to as the greenest city in Europe dueto the high proportion of well maintained green spaces.

Project hosted by: Brief Description: Art- Labyrinth is a creative association of youngartists, musicians, people who are keen trends incontemporary art and culture. The main purpose ofthe organization – development of culture andcreativity on the basis of local ethnic traditions andethnic culture of other countries. ART-LABYRINTH has extensive experience in organizing variousactivities related to the carnival culture and ethnomusic(festivals, carnivals, concerts, ethnic music(world music)). The organization has to date quite alarge audience, consisting mainly of young peoplewho are keen various creative opportunities offered. Main Aims and Activities: Our projects are:Sansara i After going through several incarnations, the theater fire was embodied in the union of six members of theconquered elements of fire. Despite the fact that the theater SANSARA is one whole, each participant has a uniquecharisma and personal style.Satori i Project which combined music and theatrical performances. actors and musicians, play intuitively, improvisingin a certain theme and plotTengri i Principles of School )TENGRIi based on the fact that music is not only fun, but first and foremost an activeway to achieve positive changes in personality. Our programs are aimed at creating an affordable music culture, wherecreative expression appears to us as a tool for personal transformation and development.Puppet Theatre Der Golem iThe very name of DER GOLEM translates literally as fool or a doll, which in theKabbalistic tradition of mysticism revived with the help of special spellsSchool of FireFire show was not just bright and lively performance, but also a fascinating spectacle. And in the late 90s, fireshow,experiencing a rebirth, becoming not only a cult pastime, but an entire philosophy of modern youth . To begin learningdoes not require any special training, our doors are open to all comers.Discussion film club )KUNDUN Sinema The idea of the club, to understand and feel the style of a particular filmmaker different schools of art: European,American, Eastern, Asian and even Russian, in a comparative analysis.Labyrinth gallery i virtual art gallery.Creative Workshopsrecognized to introduce and develop folk arts and crafts – especially clay modeling, as well as wood carving and leatherworking.

Requirements: Desired Volunteer s Skills: We would like to have volunteers who have a heart for travelling, arts and culture. The volunteer should haveexperience in organising activity and projects or willing to learn more about working with projects. We prefervolunteers who are motivated and are willing to learn new things. This is more important than studies, degrees andprevious experiences. We prefer people who are open and have a critical attitude, are enthusiastic team player,wanting to learn new things, assertive, flexible,Practical and Additional Information (i.e. what to bring, )Check list iwhat you need to bring with you:o Bed clothes and towels;o Warm clothes and good, waterproof shoes in case of winter;o Some information about your country: pictures, maps, books, coins, recipes, etc;o Small gifts from your country to give to people in your host project.Duration Minimum (weeks) : 2 weeks Maximum (weeks) : 12 weeks. Extra fee of 400 euro is for 4 weeks; each additional week is 100 euro.


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