MFR du Domaine de la Saulsaie

MFR du Domaine de la Saulsaie

The volunteer will be asked to support the MFR’s staff, to favour intercultural and linguistic awareness among the students and to support the organisation of pedagogical activities.

In particular the activities deal with:
Intercultural awareness
– Be an ambassador of his/her own country.
– Organise intercultural evenings to make the students discover his/her own country and other European countries. Present the differences in these countries concerning certain topics like geography, culture, current laws… in order to discuss with students about the french system.
– Participate to workshops that prepare students to leave for an internship abroad (help with the CV, motivation letter, intercultural preparation…).

Pedagogical and other activities
– Linguistic support in collaboration with the English teachers during: basic English classes / professional English classes (with the European section) / sociocultural education classes in English.
– Support in surveillance during exams and working periods
– Help students with their homeworks
– Support with accompanying students during school trips or professional events
– Various administrative tasks (dealing with absences of students, mails…)
– Participate in visiting internships of the students.

The detailed activities will be defined both by the volunteer and the MFR’s staff, according to the volunteer’s skills and interests.

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