CONCUK03 Manjushri

CONCUK03 Manjushri
Manjushri welcomes volunteers throughout the year to help with the running of the centre. Volunteers help with a wide range of tasks which may include helping in the kitchen, art studio, café, greenhouse, and publishing stock room, as well as gardening, cleaning the temple, painting/decorating, general cleaning, occasional maintenance, woodland clearing, general manual work and office tasks.
Please be prepared to be flexible and help wherever needed. At least some of the time, you are likely to end up working in pairs or small groups on a variety of tasks and will have the chance to meet and mix with other volunteers and residents at the centre. Although the work is not always strenuous you will need to be reasonably fit and active to join us. Volunteers can also join daily guided meditation sessions if interested.
The camp is organised 3 times during the summer, you can apply to any shift by searching with the project code in the database:
CONCUK03  MANJUSHRI 1   18.06.17 – 02.07.17
CONCUK12  MANJUSHRI 2   13.08.17-27.08.17
CONCUK15  MANJUSHRI 3    27.08.17-10.09.17
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