m.Education: Ready, Set… Peace Action! – Digital Event

m.Education: Ready, Set… Peace Action! –  Digital Event

„m.Education: Ready, Set… Peace Action! – Media Education in Awareness Actions on Peace and Human Rights” is a multi-activity project that foresees different correlated activities.

The first step was the „Training Course on Media applied to Peace and Human Rights” to be held in Holloko, Hungary, Here the participants became “BloggeHRs” and “VloggeHRs”, activists with media skills who created a Human Rights and Peace blog.

The second activity will be the „Ready, Set… Peace Action! – Digital Event”, a meeting planned in Amiens, France from 15 to 20 October 2018, hosting 26 participants. During this meeting, “BloggeHRs” and “VloggeHRs” will present their work and their conclusions. It will be a chance to show all the results achieved through the projects, the tools, the methods and the creations. It will feature workshops, interactive seminars and spaces for exchange and evaluation. Its media and interactive dimension will raise awareness on peace and HR issues, on the actions implemented by our members and on the way our IVS movement struggles to achieve his valuable tasks. This event will be part of the Global Human Rights Week coordinated by the CCIVS and joined by other IVS networks (ALLIANCE, NVDA, SCI, SAWC, SEEYN, WAVAN) and a greater visibility will be reached through a street action carried out by the participants.

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