LUNAR 04 Crack Fest

LUNAR 04 Crack Fest

PROJECT: The “Crack” International Comics Festival is organized every year by Forte Prenestino Social Center, in Rome. Forte Prenestino is one of the most important alternative cultural and social project in Italy (see It was squatted 30 years ago, and now is the promoter of many cultural underground events, hosting an alternative community of artists, activists and social workers.
Crack festival will involve editors and artists coming mainly from European and Mediterranean countries: 4 days of exhibitions, workshops and cultural exchange will involve hundreds of youngsters and experts. The festival will be held from the 22th to the 25th June 2017.

WORK: The volunteers will support the local group in managing the festival: preparation, restaurant, pub, cleaning of the area and other activities will be shared with the local volunteers. The work could be physically hard, but the environment is funny and easy going.


ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: in a dorm with beds, the volunteers will have to prepare the breakfast and will have lunches and dinners with the local volunteers.

REQUIREMENTS: To be open minded and ready to live in an alternative community. A project related motivation letter. Expect a very very basic accommodation.



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