JR17/204 – Cluses – Creative Painting in the French Alps

JR17/204 – Cluses – Creative Painting in the French Alps

WORK: Either if you are a creative arts’ enthusiastic or curious about learning how to paint, this workcamp is made for you! Your mission will be to participate in the revalorization of a part of the Saint Jean Bosco’s school. You will be supervised by the School management people, and have to paint some walls of the school corridors. You will also have the chance to create a giant fresco on the main wall. Come and take part to the adventure like the volunteers did in 2015 and 2016! The project: repaint this space that has been made for the students to share, find people from all horizons of life and leave a permanent souvenir during your stay in Cluses. You will work every morning (5 hours per day from Monday to Friday) and it will give you the opportunity to discover other regions through cultural activities and touristic visits on the afternoons. Don’t forget to bring old clothes for the painting activities!

ACCOMMODATION: Next to the town center of Cluses and the many facilities, you will be directly accommodated in tents inside Saint Jean Bosco school (http://college-sjbosco.fr/): Jeunesse et Reconstruction is providing the tents and mattresses, but take into consideration that you will have to bring your own sleeping bag and bed sheet! A kitchen, showers and restrooms will be at the disposition of all volunteers inside of the school building. You will prepare your meals as a group: do not hesitate to bring ingredients and recipes from your country to show your country’s gastronomy to the other volunteers and the inhabitants. You will be required to participate in daily chores (cooking, dish washing, cleaning, etc.) and you will be asked to do the domestic chores (cooking, dish washing, cleaning…) Please note: the association will not take responsibility of you if you decide to arrive before the indicated date or to stay after the end of the workcamp. If needed and at your expense: Camping in  Cluses,  La Corbaz, 460 Avenue des Glières 74300 Cluses Tél:+0033 (0)4 50 98 44 03

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: On the foothills of the most beautiful mountains in the Nothern Alps and next to the famous Grande Route des Alpes, the cute town of Cluses – 17000 habitants – is located in an amazing area! From Cluses you can easily access to different touristic sites such as Chamonix, the Mont Blanc and the Leman Lake rivers, Geneva or the pretty town of Annecy. Guided by the locals, you will be able to discover the local culture and the surroundings panoramas through cultural activities and visits! Possible leisure activities: mountain sports, swimming in the rivers or lakes, trips to nearby cities, concerts, meetings with other workcamps, and obviously, intercultural and linguistic exchanges! Don’t forget to bring games, musical instruments, recipes, pictures and other souvenirs from your home country in order to share this memorable experience with the other volunteers and with the locals. More information about the region.


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